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Day 71: The Finale Diaries with the finalists – BBNaija

03 October 2021
For the last time this season, the final six had their last Diary Sessions with Biggie.
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It’s the last day of the Shine Ya Eye season and Emmanuel, Angel, Liquorose, Pere, Cross and Whitemoney spoke to Biggie about how they’re feeling, how ready they are to face the outside world and gave a run through of their final week in the House.

Top 6: Emmanuel

In his Diary Session with Biggie, Emmanuel explained how the Big Brother Naija experience has changed him in a lot of positive ways like how to work on his patience levels, learn how to work in groups and respect people’s opinions. Looking forward to life outside the House, he said he can’t wait to see an increase in his businesses, deals, endorsements, meeting mentors and people that will place him on the path to success.

His final words to Biggie were words of gratitude to Big Brother for always giving him words of encouragement and being a solid support system to him in the House.

Top 6: Angel

When asked about how she is feeling, Angel said she felt happy and nostalgic at the same time, and didn’t fail to mention that she was already missing the House, the Tasks, and activities. "I am anticipating life outside the House because I realise how much I have missed outside after seeing the Evicted Housemates last night." Excited about starting life outside the House, she said that the House has reformed her, and she’ll be a different person when she goes outside, especially since it has built her tolerance, resilience, belief in herself and her strength. She mentioned how she’s not ready to face what people will have to say about her outside and is anxious about that.

For her final words, the resident ‘Encourage’ minister asked Biggie for the right pronunciation of the word ‘schedule’, asked if he thinks she can navigate the outside world and thanked Big Brother for the whole experience, and for always coming through with good food, nice words and great advice.

Top 6: Liquorose

She told Biggie that she feels excited, accomplished, and nervous about tonight. When asked if she’s ready for life outside the House, she revealed that she’s not sure she’s ready because she doesn’t know the reactions she’ll receive, but she’s ready to face whatever comes her way regardless. The final week was good especially with the excess food, Independence Day celebrations, winning the Darling Hair Task which came with 4.5 million Naira and Pere and Angel’s addition to the finalists’ table.  She went ahead to tell Biggie that the Big Brother Naija experience made her realise that she’s smart and she should stop second-guessing herself, and it has also taught her to pay attention to detail. In addition, it has tested her strength and her cognitive orientation, so she’s looking forward to the next step in her life.

The resident dancer’s final words to Biggie were that she’ll will miss him. She went on to thank him for believing in her and hoped she was a good guest, to which Biggie replied and rated her a 100/10 as his guest in the House.

Top 6: Pere

The resident General said he’s feeling anxious and expectant about tonight and says the final week was the best week in the House for him with lots of food, amazing Tasks, and great synergy in the House. He added that he’s been preparing himself mentally for the outside world and he’s now ready to face it. His experience in the House has been a rollercoaster ride, but has been exciting and worth it overall. It has also taught him that patience is a virtue, not to judge a book by its cover, kindness is the best way to pay people back and that forgiveness is golden. He’s most looking forward to reconnecting with his girlfriend, best friends, connecting with his fans and getting back on movie sets.

His final words for Big Brother included a huge dose of appreciation to Biggie for the opportunity to experience the House.

Top 6: Whitemoney

Big Brother asked ‘Mazi’ what his experience has been and Whitemoney said, “It may seem as though your House has brought out the best in me”. He added that he has learnt a lot from the Tasks and that everything in Biggie’s House holds much importance to him and his experience cannot be quantified at all. When asked if he’s ready for the outside world, he told Biggie that he’s ready, but he doesn’t know if the outside world is ready for Whitemoney 2.0.

His final words to Biggie were prayers and well wishes to him and the production team and Biggie replied by saying his generosity will not be forgotten.

Top 6: Cross

Cross feels excited tonight and is looking forward to the outside world. He’s mostly looking forward to the freedom outside the House, getting his phone back, seeing his mum and the rest of his family and friends, and catching up with the world. His final week was a bit lonely at first, until he saw Angel and Pere again in the House. When asked about what his experience has been this season, he mentioned that the House has taught him to be stronger, patient, know how to pick his words before responding, how to communicate better and many other positive things.

Cross’ final words to Biggie were also not different from what the other finalists said, as he thanked Big Brother for everything and most importantly, for changing his life positively.

It’s the Finale baby! Who’s getting the Shine Ya Eye crown tonight?

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