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Day 71: It's mixed feelings for Finale morning – BBNaija

03 October 2021
The Top 6 Housemates didn't just party last night but shined their eyes on the tensions around the room especially with the former BBNaija shippers.

The Saturday Night Party has been known to give the Housemates a lazy start to their day either from the numbing hangovers, or just exhaustion from the dancing, especially for Liquorose. However, last night was the iconic Final Party that featured an appearance by this Season's Evicted Housemates, so naturally, our Top 6 was on a high and may have done too much. 😂 

Whitemoney was the first of the lot to start his day, leaving his fellow Housemates sleeping like logs in their beds – and like most of us, his first run was the kitchen to set the meal for the day.   

Later, everyone else decided to wake up and laboured their way around the House. Liquorose complained about a head-splitting hangover and got a hug from Emmanuel to help her feel better. Well as luck would have it, the in-House Chef, Whitemoney got ready to whip up something fascinating as the geng's final meal in the House – and declared today “chicken day”. After all, what's a celebration meal if we don’t eat chicken. 

While the general vibe in the House is a mixed bag of feelings. The Top 6 Housemates took to discussing their observations of the Evicted Housemates and how the BBNaija shippers tried their best to stay away from their partners. They think the way Saskay avoided Jaypaul was unusual as they’d hoped these two will ship outside the House. On the other hand, they also commented on Saga and Nini keeping away from each other during the party and they seem to agree that the shipping dynamics in the real world will not be the same as in the House. Well, being Saga-like might have not paid off after all – but we will make an exception since he's always said they are just friends.

Their observations seemed to dread the idea of the outside world being a revealing experience once they step out of Biggie’s House.

Although they are easing into the idea of being back in the world’s embrace, their commentary on how distant and cold the former Housemates behaved last night with people they were often close to, unravelled some of their fears about the outside world. However, we hope as they get through the rest of the day, they slowly come around to the idea of taking it one step at a time.  

The Top 6 has a hectic day ahead of them: from packing and cleaning, to getting their hair, makeup and outfits ready for tonight's eagerly-anticipated Live Show. It seems, however, that they are up for the challenge.

We are excited to see who will win tonight but we would like to know what you think about the Finale tonight?

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Day 71 – BBNaija

Who do you think will win tonight?

Liquorose 22%

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