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Day 66: Journeying to the Grand Finale with the Top 6 Housemates– BBNaija

28 September 2021
With the Grand Finale fast approaching we can’t help but reflect on the journey of the Top Six Housemates and how they have come so far in the game.

We were waiting for the best man or woman to win the Double Jeopardy Game and join the House for the Top Five – while Cross, Emmanuel, Liquorose, and Whitemoney thought they were the Top Four. 

However, Biggie’s twists and turns in this game have been shocking and equally surprising to us and the Housemates. We have a Top Six geng!  

Well, be it luck or strategy all the Housemates have played their game and we are taking a look at their key principles to being street smart and living up to the Shine Ya Eye theme as we reflect on their journey to the top six. 

During our Q&A sessions with the Housemates, they were asked about their three key principles to being street smart and we want to know which one of the three principles best resembled their gameplay in the Biggie's House? 


Although her key principles are all about verifying information and doing her research. Angel hasn’t exactly had a smooth running with her own principles and her notable moment is during Liquorose’s Secret Task. While she believed that the Emmarose ship had hit rock bottom because of her and took to informing other Housemates that Liquorose might have found out about Emma’s alleged flirting with her.

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Angel's Shine Ya Eye principles

Which principle best resembles Angel's game play?

Always verify information given22%
Always do your research17%
Everyone is a liar until proven otherwise62%


His principles are focused on observation and knowing who he is dealing with and in certain moments we think he knew the right person to go to whenever he needed something in the House. To keep us entertained we think his perspective of entertainment in the House had us glued to our screens from the impromptu games to being a voice of reason whenever there was conflict. He has pulled through all the stops to shine his eyes. 

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Cross's Shine Ya Eye principles

Which principle best resembles Cross's game play?

Know your environment17%
Know the people you're dealing with60%
Know the weakest/strongest link23%


Tega dubbed Emmanuel the observer at some point in the BBNaija House. However, we think during the early stages of the game Emmanuel had an unforgettable moment that slipped out of the palm of his hands. During the Wildcard’s saga, Emmanuel was the first Housemate to get a clue as to who the two were but failed to pick them out. During Liquorose’s Task, the love blinded the possibility of the tension being part of the game but we are here for his quick thinking and staying on top of the matter by trying to find a way to win back his love interest.

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Emmanuel's Shine Ya Eye principles

Which principle best resembles Emmanuel's game play?

Understanding the environment and people involved12%
Thinking on your feet and staying woke11%
Saying less, listening more77%


Whew, Liqourose has proven to be a consistent queen with her gameplay in winning most of the Tasks in the House. She remains one of the Housemates with the most wins and during their rehearsals and presentations, she's shown to be a fast thinker and creative. We remember how Biggie commended her for the very first presentation where she performed like a veteran actress and we are here for it. Whatever moves she was talking about here, we think she has been shining on and we are loving it. 

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Liquorose's Shine Ya Eye principles

Which principle best resembles Liquorose's game play?

Always be alert, no sleeping in the jungle (streets)23%
Think fast, like very fast25%
Make moves, don't be the standby, be the stand out52%


From being a Wildcard to dismantling kitchen monopoly, this one time in the military man has had an interesting journey with the Shine Ya Eye geng. One of our most memorable times has often been referred to as the “Pere Regime.” Well, he was the first Housemate to shake the strategy tables and leave the House in a furore the moment he reigned supreme as the Head of House. Whether it was his strategy or not, his wahala has shaken the House and the fights always ended with some iconic quotes. 

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Pere's Shine Ya Eye principles

Which principle best resembles Pere's game play?

Understand the terrain20%
Be patient and alert15%
Always be unpredictable65%


His ability to pick up who the Wildcards were has to be one of the most remarkable things about Whitemoney's gameplay but we think he's lived up to his street code of not snitching even when he's known the lowdown on a number of things in the House. However, we think he didn't shine his eyes the day he ended up in a heated argument with Queen for oversharing confidential information about her. Nonetheless, street code or not, Whitemoney has held back in many interesting ways from officially shipping in the House to his kitchen takeover.😂

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Whitemoney's Shine Ya Eye principles

Which principle best resembles Whitemoney's game play?

Never snitch16%
Always look before you lip20%
Stay sharp/smart at all times64%

You have watched them play their game and seen how they have reacted to the twists and turns of this season. The question is have they all lived up to their principles of being street smart and if they did, was this part of their strategy?

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