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Day 65: Cross discovers leftover groceries – BBNaija

27 September 2021
Cross and the Housemates struck the jackpot with Evicted Housemates' leftover food.

We have always wondered what happens to the food after the Housemates leave the #BBNaija House. Today, this question was answered with excitement by some of the last standing bunch of the Shine Ya Eye geng.  

It all started in the kitchen where Cross found out that Nini and Saga had left some juice and shortbread. Cross was then heard screaming,” Nini and Saga are a billionaire couple and they are so rich to afford things like shortbread!” It turns out that there are things we didn’t know about the Ship that got Evicted last night. They left some delicacies for food lover Cross to find and it was indeed a treasure! 💎

“Are you kidding me!?” was the delighted response from Whitemoney. He even suggested that Nini and Saga would have been able to start selling to the Housemates. According to him, Sani could have even started a mini-mart in the #BBNaija House. This is when Cross instigated that they start their own supermarket called the “Top Four Market”. We only wonder who their customers would be?😁

They began reflecting on the times that Nini spent in the kitchen, realising that she was fully stocked up with good food while she was in the House. We also recalled a time when Nini was offering her fellow Housemates some hot chocolate after their surprise buffet from Biggie. She made sure she had all the tasty things at hand. No wonder Saga was somewhat glued to her. The saying that goes, “The way to a man's heart is through his stomach” now makes more sense. Nini had the meaty stuff, some juice, shortbread, all of which she obviously shared with Saga. “Shout out to Nini!” said Emmanuel. They showered her with blessings similar to how she showered Biggie with gratitude during their tasty buffet last week. 👐

Cross also uncovered Yousef’s stash of leftover groceries in his closet locker. There he found tomato paste, noodles and sardines which he has planned to create a feast with, plus Queen’s food, Pere’s pepper and Angel eggs. As of today, they have about four crates of eggs all to themselves. There was even chocolate which undoubtedly put a smile on Cross’ face!

We only wonder if they will give Pere or Angel their food back if it happens that one of them returns to the House after today. 👀

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