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Day 64: The last Eviction Diaries – BBNaija

26 September 2021
Today, Biggie’s Diary Room witnessed its last Eviction Diary with this week’s Nominated Housemates, Saga, Queen, Nini, Pere, Angel and Whitemoney.
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As we strut to the Finale, the House has been filled with mixed emotions as on one hand, the Housemates are glad to have made it to the ninth Eviction week, while the Housemates facing Eviction are nervous about what’s to come. Conversations about the Finale have been on their lips, leaving them wondering who’ll join Liquorose, Emmanuel and Cross on the finalists list, and life outside the House when the show ends in the coming week.

Big Brother had the last Eviction Diary Room moments with Saga, Queen, Pere, Whitemoney, Nini and Angel in that order, asking them how they were feeling, their favourite moments in the House, and if they have any unresolves matters with any Housemate. If you’re wondering who Nini picked as her date for a reward dinner from Biggie for completing her secret Task, keep reading. (Oh, and no, it’s not Saga…)


Talking to Big Brother about how he’s feeling he said he was super proud of himself because he believes this platform will catapult him to places he needs to be and give him exposure. He revealed that his friends outside the House believed he’ll make it far in this show and that’s what has kept him moving. He’s rooting for two people – himself and Nini which makes it complicated for him because he doesn’t want to go, and it’ll even be a worse situation for him if she leaves because he doesn’t want to be left behind. He said he doesn’t want to experience the final week alone, since Nini is his best friend in the House.

Saga’s favourite moments: When Nini won Veto power to Save herself, winning 2.5 million Naira in the Lipton Task, painting during the art Challenge, the moment he stepped into the House, every other Friday Jacuzzi party and all the Saturday Night Parties.

Answering the question on unresolved issues with any Housemate, Saga said he’s glad he has settled the awkwardness with Pere, but something still bugs him about Nini’s disappearance which he wants to know.


When asked about how she was feeling, Queen said she’s scared she might not scale through today; she added that she loves winning, so if she goes home, she’ll be sad. She’s keeping a positive energy that she’s going to survive the season’s last Eviction.

About unresolved issues, she mentioned that has resolved all pending issues with everyone and she’s at peace with the rest of the House.

Queen’s favourite moments: Winning the trophy for the best defender in Bet9ja, winning the PiggyVest Challenge. Also on this list, she added coming into the Big Brother Naija House, meeting people she cares about - Whitemoney, Saga, Nini and getting pampered by Big Brother.

Queen ended her Diary session by telling Biggie that she’s unhappy that she wasn’t able to purchase gifts for Whitemoney as she had earlier requested, because she believes gifts are the only ways to appreciate someone one cares about. Biggie responded saying she should find out what Whitemoney’s love language is, so she knows how best to show her appreciation to him. We can’t wait to see how that turns out.


Speaking on the Eviction feels, Pere revealed that he felt very nervous, as he doesn’t know if this is the end of the road for him in the game.

He added that he doesn’t have anything to resolve with the Housemates in the House but has unresolved issues with Maria, saying she wasn’t happy with the game they all played at the dining area but since she stopped talking to him, he didn’t have enough time to talk about it to clear the issues.

Pere’s favourite times: The WAW drama presentation, the Close Up picture-taking Task, the ‘how low can you go’ fun game which they all played, the Saturday Night Parties, some of the Jacuzzi parties and definitely enjoyed being Head of House in Biggie’s House.

He ended his Diary Session showing Biggie his new hairstyle. Who else is loving Pere’s new look?


Whitemoney told Biggie that he was feeling grateful, alive, and fulfilled. He said he has mixed feelings about the Eviction tonight because according to him, “the line-up too choke”, and he’s not sure of the amount of people that will be entering the Finale. He added that it’ll be painful to watch the finalists enjoy Biggie’s treats from his house, so he’s hoping he survives this week.

On unresolved issues, he said he has none to resolve and the obvious case of tension between himself and Pere has been dissolved and they’re now cool; he has also come to an understanding with Queen, so it’s been all resolved.

Whitemoney’s favourite moments: The Lipton Task because he wasn’t expecting to win, the Revolution Plus Task, cooking and cleaning in the Kitchen, all the music or drama Tasks he has won in the House. “Another thing that makes me happy is the fact that I can co-exist with women, and I was able to put my guard down to express my feelings to the people I care about,” he added. He also mentioned that being called by Big Brother upon entering the House and wearing the Head of House emblem also make it to this list.


Nini said she was feeling a bit nervous, but she chooses to enjoy the day and since it might be her last day in the House, she’s enjoying every moment. She’s fine with being up for Eviction this week because she has survived nine Eviction weeks in the House and thinks she has a 40% chance of survival, considering the people she’s up against this week. Overall, she has had a mind-blowing experience on the show and is grateful for that.

She added that she has nothing to resolve with the Housemates, except the fact that she feels she should apologize to the Housemates for keeping them worried when she disappeared, but she might not get the chance to if she leaves today.

Nini’s favourite highlights: Her first day in the House, winning the Veto power to save herself from possible Eviction, being friends with Saga which helped her cope with the show and staying away from her family and boyfriend. She has so many favourite moments in the Shine Ya Eye House which also include making great friends like Arin.

For a job well executed, Biggie rewarded Nini for successfully completing her secret Task. This reward includes a luxury spa day and an exclusive dinner for two waiting for her after the show.  Biggie then asked her to pick a date, which can be anyone of her choice in or out of the House, and she picked her boyfriend.


Angel mentioned that she has been stressed this week because of the Eviction and is feeling anxious about life after the show. She feels she’s leaving the House today and is uncertain about what awaits her outside; she also said if she doesn’t make it to the finals, she’s sure that she has done well and is grateful she made it this far.

She’s happy she’ll be leaving with an estimate of about five to seven million Naira and says the House has made her so comfortable with making money because she has won a lot of Tasks and rewards in the House.

Angel’s top moments: They include every party moment, every time she has spent with Cross because they’re always laughing, finishing the slimy Head of House Challenge, and winning the Abeg Task two weeks ago.

Speaking on any unresolved issues in the House, she said that although she’s not one to keep malice, she’ll never resolve her issues with Boma and added that she has nothing to settle with the other Housemates.

Good luck to the Housemates facing Eviction this week and cheers to the finalists. Who do you think is joining the Finale list? Tell us using #BBNaija on all social platforms.

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