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Day 60: The Travelbeta Task – BBNaija

22 September 2021
The Travelbeta Task saw the Housemates take up challenges targeted at showing the brand as Nigeria's premium travelling agency.
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The BBNaija geng had the assignment of pushing the Travelbeta brand in their Task for the day. Travelbeta is Nigeria’s online travel agency dedicated to making travel experience simple and fun. To carry out their Task, the Housemates were divided into three Teams via the lucky dip box. The teams were; Team Visa which included Angel, Cross and Emmanuel. Liquorose and Whitemoney made up Team Vacation Packages. While Team Flights included Pere, Saga and Queen.

The Task was divided into three different activities with the first being an ‘I Call On’ challenge. For this challenge, three boards were provided and on each board there were eleven columns under each of the following words: COUNTRY. CAPITAL. LANGUAGE. CURRENCY. LANDMARK. FLIGHT COST.

Each team nominated a representative who stood in front of the board bearing their team names. Then at the sound of the buzzer, the HoH Liquorose proceeded to call out random “letters” apart from the following letters: D, H, L, N, O, Q, R, V, W, X, Y, Z. When a letter was called, the representatives filled their boards using the markers provided.  For each letter, teams had 90 seconds to fill their board. Once a letter was called, the buzzer sound was used to indicate the start and the end of the 90 seconds allocated to that letter.

Team members were allowed to support their team representatives with clues and hints, but only the representatives were allowed to write on the board.
For the second challenge in the Travelbeta Task, the Housemates were instructed to flip the board used in the first challenge. When flipped, they found the word ‘TRAVELBETA’ clearly spelt out on the board. 

A basket full of letters was provided for each team. All they were required to do was use the provided letters from the basket and place them under each alphabet of the word “TRAVELBETA” to reform a new word and the new word had to be the name of a country.
For the third part of their Task the Housemates did a drama presentation depicting the advantages of booking travel tickets via Travelbeta.com. The drama lasted 5 minutes for each team.

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