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Day 60: Nini escapes to the Secret Room, chaos ensues – BBNaija

22 September 2021
Nini carries out Biggie's Task successfully, leaving Saga inconsolable.

Nini successfully left the #BBNaija House in the early hours of the morning without being detected by her fellow Housemates – and she is safely secured in the White Room, which she accessed through an emergency exit door in the Games Room; all this to fulfil a Secret Task Biggie handed her in Tuesday's Diary Sessions. This is the first time she is alone in the House since she came in 59 days ago. 

Kickstarting the mission

Saga had been ignoring Nini in the build-up to her escape as he stewed over an earlier disagreement during the Task. So when she left her fellow Housemates in the garden and went into the House like she would return, no eyebrows were raised. Nini had a small bag packed and ready for her time in the Secret Room and she quickly made a beeline for the Games Room where she hid her bag under a pile of pillows. Within minutes of her arrival, the mirror swung open, revealing a secret door that led out of the House. She quickly picked up her bag and disappeared into it and closed the door behind her.

After sitting at the kitchen table by himself while eating supper, Saga seemed to snap out of it and went looking for Nini. He walked the lengths of the House calling her name and when he couldn't find her, he enlisted the services of Whitemoney and Queen, who helped him search for a bit. After not receiving any joy, a tired Whitemoney and Queen called it a night, no doubt thinking Nini would emerge.

Saga's life flashes before his eyes

Saga cut a lonely figure as he peered into the Executive Lounge, knocking on the door and calling Nini's name. He then went to the garden and reported the news to Pere and Angel. They quickly joined the search, with no luck. Pretty soon, Liquorose and Emmanuel woke up and joined the search too, but no one could find Nini. Saga grew increasingly desperate and stood outside the Diary Room door, knocking like a man on a mission."Big Brother please give us some clarity. Big Brother please! Open the door! What am I supposed to do with my life now?" he cried, while his fellow Housemates continued to speculate about Nini's whereabouts. Angel said Nini may have taken a Voluntary Exit like Kayvee. "She mentioned she needed time away and wasn't coping with the noise," Angel said, to Saga's utter dismay – while Pere insisted it was all probably a prank.

Nini watched all of this from a television monitor in the White Room. Pretty soon, it was hard to keep her eyes open and she dozed off, while Saga paced about. Saga eventually grabbed his duvet and pillow and slept outside the Diary Room door, positioning himself to be the first to see Nini when and if she emerged from the Diary Room. 

Pretty soon everyone called it a night and woke up this morning to Nini still missing. As the geng discussed her whereabouts, Saga was alone in the Garden literally crying in the rain. Nini seemed to be enjoying her view as she slightly chuckled at the crying Saga, but there is no doubt that she feels bad for him.

With 24 hours away from her fellow Housemates, it looks like Nini is taking a break from today’s chores and the regular gisting that takes place in the House. She slept through the morning, during the time the Housemates typically work out, clean the house and shower. We foresee a full day of developing conspiracies, but we are curious to know what you would do if you were in Nini’s shoes and alone for 24 hours.

Enjoy the following series of polls!

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Nini's Secret Task

What would you take to the secret room?

Nothing, it's just 24 hours.16%
Some snacks and a change of clothes.84%
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Nini's Secret Task

How would you spend your day?

I would sleep through the day!17%
I would pay attention to the Housemates' conversations83%
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Nini's Secret Task

What would you eat?

What ever Biggie provides.73%
I would have packed some food and snacks for the day27%
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Nini's Secret Task

Would you survive not being able to reach out to people you see?

Of course! This is temporary.91%
No ways. I wouldn't stand it!9%

There you have it! Let's see how the day unfolds for Nini who will spend it in virtual solitude. 

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