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Day 59: Non-Stop Fun with Munch It – BBNaija

21 September 2021
It's all fun with Munch It for today's Task.
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Today’s Task was courtesy of Munch It and it featured some fun and exciting games for the entire Shine Ya Eye House. As usual, the Housemates were divided into teams through a lucky draw



Team Sweet Surprise

Pere, Whitemoney & Saga

Team Cream & Onion

Cross & Queen

Team Cheesy Stix

Nini & Liquorose

Team Classic Delight

Angel & Emmanuel

After forming their teams, Housemates gathered in the main lounge to watch a video and listen to the Munch It jingle before playing a game of "Ayo".

Game time

To play this game of Ayo, each team nominated one player to represent their team. Team Sweet Surprise played Team Cream & Onion, while Team Cheesy Stix faced Team Classic Delight. The game got a little challenging when the Housemates were constantly checking to see if they had followed the instructions and the rules. They soon mastered the game and played it smoothly. Choosing a winner was difficult because the game ended in a tie and deciding whether to play to find the winner caused conflict. What should be done? Should they wait for Biggie to decide, or should they replay until a winner has been determined? They eventually decided to continue playing after much back and forth. Saga and Nini won on behalf of their teams.

Munch It Jingle dance

The next game was creating a dance routine for the Munch It jingle. Each Team headed to separate sections of the House to practice their dance moves in the hopes of winning this round. One hour later, they were all called into the Arena to demonstrate what they had been practising. Almost immediately each team was called on stage to show their dance routine for the Munch It Task.

Name a song

For this Task Each team had 20 seconds to come up with a Davido song title that begins with the letter displayed for them on the screen. The team had three rounds to sing three of Davido’s songs and each correct song attracted five points. Team Cream & Onion went first, but unfortunately, they couldn’t come up with any song. The remaining three teams were able to come up with one each.

Throw balls

For this Task, Housemates took turns to throw as many balls as possible into any of the big Munch It bowls within 2 minutes. Team Cheesy Stix, unfortunately, couldn’t get any ball in and as a penalty, Biggie made them eat three sachets of Munch It. Team Classic Delight did quite well followed by Team Sweet Surprise.


In this hurdle, each team played a game of charades with a twist. What they had to guess were the names of other Housemates. All the teams did quite well in this round as it wasn’t difficult figuring out each other.

Penalty shots

For the final hurdle, the Housemates had to score as many goals as possible wearing a blindfold. Each team nominated a representative for this game that was blindfolded by a member of the opposing team, then the other members of the playing team had to guide their representative to the marked spot in front of the small goal post.

At the sound of the buzzer, each team’s representative had two minutes to shoot as many balls as possible into the net. Each goal was worth five points. Team Sweet Surprise went first but they felt Liquorose was slow in handing them the ball and they weren’t given a fair advantage. Unfortunately for them, Biggie and other players thought they had an unfair advantage over Liquorose’s team too. In the end, Team Cream & Onion scored the most followed by Team Classic Delight.

Reward time

The Housemates were generously rewarded with sachets of Munch It immediately after the game ended. Team Classic Delight consisting of Angel and Emmanuel were declared winners and got N750,000 while Team Cream & Onion consisting of Cross and Queen won N500,000. Liquorose was named Non-Stop Entertainer and awarded N250,000.

Watch the nonstop fun Task here

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