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Day 55: Abeg’s affirmation Task – BBNaija

17 September 2021
Housemates took on four interesting obstacles that ended with some positive affirmations for the Housemates.

Give the tensions that have rocked the House during this week, the Abeg Friday Night Task is one of the best pick me up Challenges that the Housemates needed to get their spirits up. The Task had four obstacles that required the Housemates to complete it in under four minutes and the fastest male and female Housemates will be declared the winner. 

The first and compulsory obstacle was The Sandbag obstacle. Housemates were required to use a wooden pole to move any two sandbags from one position to the other side of the marked line. With the choice to move both sandbags at the same time or one at a time – Housemates made sure to carry their sandbags in two’s as they moved them from point A to point B, or from point B to point A. 

For the next obstacle, they were expected to solve a simple jigsaw puzzle. Using the picture reference provided to aid them in solving the puzzle. Housemates had the liberty to look at the reference picture as many times as needed. 

The third obstacle was a simple monkey bar with 5 bars, to simplify the obstacle, Biggie introduced the rope support to help the Housemates. While stepping on the ropes to swing from one end to the other Housemates were expected to step on the ropes and go through the V-shape in the middle of the monkey bar to the other side. 

The final obstacle for tonight was the Wall of Affirmation.  Biggie deemed it necessary to reminded the Housemates about how special they are to Big Brother. As such, Big Brother took the liberty to pick some words that best describe each of the Housemates. The words were hidden in the envelopes of the multicoloured wall. To get their word for today Housemates had to rip open only one of the envelopes and spell it out using the letters in the pool. To conclude the Task each Housemate would spell out the word on the stool beside the pool and read out the words, “I am” and include their word for today. 

Although Yousef and Emmanuel couldn’t correctly spell their word of the day – Biggie reminded them it doesn’t take away from the fact that they are fabulous and amazing.  

Congratulations to Saga and Angel for being to top performers in the Task. They walk away with 250 Abeg Naira and 100 BB Tokens each. To the rest of the House Biggie says they are all winners. 

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