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DAY 54: The Diary Sessions revealed – BBNaija

16 September 2021
The Housemates have undergone their latest Diary Sessions –some of them in drag – and have revealed a lot of what they think about their fellow Housemates.
Day 54 Diaries cover

The Housemates have gone through their latest series of Diary Sessions, and it’s clear that the time in the House is starting to take its toll, although the Housemates have used today’s “mimic” Task as a way to have a little bit of fun. Required to dress up like each other, the Housemates used the opportunity to poke a little fun at each other, so the Diary Session at least looked a little strange, with people wearing wigs and the like.

During his Diary Session Pere said that he was having a good time, because he gets “to do crazy things like Angel.” Saskay, on the other hand, had chosen Whitemoney as the person to mimic, but struggled with her choice. “Aside from being in the kitchen all day, there is nothing much he does.” Okay then.

Queen, on the other hand, said she was feeling energetic because she was mimicking Saga – we’re not sure she knows what “mimicking” means. Her luxury room Housemate, Whitemoney, said he was enjoying the privacy of living in the private room. As far as the mimic game goes, he found playing Cross difficult, because “his emotions are unbalanced”.

At least that’s something. Cross had a real problem, though – he chose Saskay, and his problem was that “most of the time, Saskay is sleeping.” So, snore then, dude.

Angel said she was already stressed, but that pretending to be Nini was “exhausting”. Saga said he was also tired from his punishment, but that the mimic Task had calmed him down, except for the fact that he had to wear heels. His partner in crime – Nini – said she picked Nini because “she is always so chill,” and that it would easy to mimic her.

Yousef – who was mimicking Emmanuel – said that it was difficult because the two of them are not very close. Cross, on the other hand, was trying to mimic Yousef, and was struggling with having to be that quiet. Liquorose (as if she doesn’t have enough on her plate) had picked Pere, which she didn’t expect. She didn’t say much about why he was hard to imitate – she could simply have refused to eat the salty food.

It’s been strange day. They’re only going to get stranger.  These Housemates better shine their eye.