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Day 50: The Nominated Housemates express their feelings – BBNaija

12 September 2021
Hours before Day 50's Live Eviction Show, the Nominated Housemates reflect on their time in the House during their Diary Sessions with Big Brother.
Day 50 Diary Sessions Cover

Before tonight’s Live Eviction Show, the Nominated Housemates were called into the Diary Room for their traditional “maybe this is the last time” session with Big Brother. First up was Saga, who expressed his gratitude that he had made it this far. “I know I will miss the House – Nini especially. I hope she will be okay if I go.” Reflecting on his time in the House, he said that he has been humbled, “because I’m usually the most talented person, but here I’ve met people that are five times better than me.” It takes a big man to admit that.

Jaypaul was next, and he said that simply “making it through those doors was a victory for me.” He went on to give his fellow Housemates mad props. “They’re like superheroes. You’ve trained us – we’re ready for everything that comes, now.”

Queen said that “a girl is nervous. For the first time, I lost my self-confidence yesterday.” In case she is Evicted, tonight, she made a special point to say, “thank you for bringing me here. I don’t know how to thank you.” It’s always good when people recognise their blessings.”

Whitemoney expressed how his stress has been affecting him, and Big Brother recommended he get some rest. Whitemoney did say that Sundays’ come with emotions and tears, but that he’s “feeling okay”. Reflecting on being in the House, he said, “I love it, so much.”

Jackie B expressed that being in the Big Brother House “still feels so surreal – just the fact that I was chosen. It’s just put so much confidence in me.” Well, obviously – she had also mentioned that she was excited to experience “the nervousness, the chills of being Nominated.” Well… okay. That’s a unique take on being Nominated.

“It is what it is,” said Saskay when Biggie asked her how she was feeling about her possible Eviction. “This week, I’ve been feeling a different rush of emotions. Now, I’m just ready for whatever happens.” She also said that merely being the House was the “biggest positive”, and that winning Tasks was a great source of joy.

Last up was Liquorose, who said that the ritual she follows to take her mind off the Eviction is “music. Just singing.” When asked how her stay in the House has changed her personality, she said “it has boosted my confidence. I’ve always second-guessed myself… but this House has actually boosted my confidence.”

There you have it – at the time of writing, we are fewer than two hours away from the Sunday Live Eviction Show. At least one of these Housemates will be packing their bags… stay tuned to find out who!

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