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Day 48: Who's got whose back? – BBNaija

10 September 2021
Today’s Diary Sessions have just finished, and the Housemates weighed in on which of their fellow Housemates would have their back.
Day 48 DS Cover

In tonight’s Diary Sessions, Biggie asked the Housemates a few questions, but the one that has everyone talking is, “which of your fellow Housemates do you think will have your back?”

Cross had a lot to say – a lot. One of the things he said was that the only person he feels like he can trust is himself, which is probably a good attitude to have when you’re playing this kind of game. He also took more than a few moments to talk about how much he likes Queen, how sexy she is, how beautiful, how strong… He spoke about how she likes Whitemoney, but that Whitemoney has his eye on Jackie B, who – unfortunately for Whitemoney – does not have her eyes on him.

Despite only trusting himself, Cross did say that he has grown close to Pere, although he’s not sure if Pere is working to some kind of script. This was a sentiment echoed by Saga, who also said that Pere is his best friend, but he doesn’t entirely trust him. Clearly, Saga has a very particular interpretation of the term “best friend”.

Pere, for his part, thought that Yousef would have his back. “There is a high regard and respect we have for each other.” Yousef also said he thought that Pere might have his back, but that he doesn’t “100% trust him. He’s a lion, inside.”

Jackie B, however, came right out and admitted to having trust issues. “At the end of the day, it’s each man for himself”. She did say that she could count on Cross. Cross. Not Saga? Interesting.

Emmanuel obviously though that Liquorose would have his back, which is probably true. He also thought that Whitemoney would, although he did say that “I hope I’m not wrong.” He went on to say that his relationship with Whitemoney is very “brotherly”.

Nini said that since Peace and Arin left, Saga is the only person she trusts in the House. “People won’t stop saying, ‘Saga likes you’, and Pere is, like, ‘Romeo and Juliet’. I don’t care what they say. Saga is selfless with me.” A selfless friend is a valuable thing, for sure.

Despite her altercations with Whitemoney, Queen still believes he would have her back. “Since I got here, he’s been my closest friend.” She also said that Nini and Saga have always been open with her, saying that she can talk to them if she has any problems.

When asked who she thought would have her back, Liquorose thought for a while before she responded “Emmanuel, Whitemoney… maybe Pere.” That’s fine, but we’re surprised she had to think about it before she suggested Emmanuel. We would have thought that would come out immediately. Maybe Liquorose is just a thoughtful woman. Who knows?

The last person to do his Diary Session was Whitemoney. When asked which of the Housemates would have his back, Whitemoney said, “everybody except Pere. But maybe even him.” His reasoning was because his energy is “positive”.

Seven weeks into the Game, and all the Housemates feel like there is at least one person in the House who would have their back. Sure, it’s a competition, but it’s a competition of a different sort. This is why the only way to get through this is to shine ya eye.


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