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Day 46: Housemates get a profound Diary Session – BBNaija

08 September 2021
Housemates bare their innate thoughts with Biggie on their welfare, Evictions and their strategy should Biggie flip a switch in the Voting process.
BBNaija Housemates get a profound diary session

Biggie had quite an interactive session with the Housemates today in their Diary Sessions. He spoke to them about their coping mechanisms during Nominations and Evictions. How well they are faring with their new pets and how they would play the game if Biggie changed the rules to make Housemates Vote who the winner of the show would be instead of the audience. 

How they are faring with their pets
The Housemates all gave positive responses about coping with their pets. For Whitemoney, his goldfish came to him during a time of joy. Hence he named his fish Obianuju. Yousef named his fish Nemo because of the cartoon ‘Finding Nemo’ which makes him remember when he was young and did not have any troubles. Jaypaul said he was scared at first about taking care of his new pet but he is learning the hang of it thanks to the manual. He named his fish Athena the after the Greek goddess of war because the stripes on his fish body reminds him of a warrior.  Saskay told Biggie she got emotional when she got her pet but can’t explain why. She named her pet fish Teka, meaning ‘Destiny’s friend’ a name she got from a book she read a few years back. It seems like Teka and Saskay are one member short to make a Destiny's Child trio.

Their coping mechanism
Nomination and Eviction nights can be quite taxing, so Biggy sought to know how they cope with the emotions that come with these important moments. Queen mentioned her coping mechanism was pushing calmness through whenever tense moments come around. This is a skill she learnt outside the House when dealing with anxiety inducing issues. Nini said she copes with Nominations and Evictions by having prepared herself before coming into the House with the idea that It's okay to get Nominated and leave the House at any point in time.  

Cross told Biggie, he deals with Nominations and Evictions differently. For Nominations, he sleeps off the anger he gets from being Nominated and he automatically feels good again. When it comes to Evictions, Cross says he lets nature take its course and does not try to stop the emotions that naturally come with such a moment. Jackie B on her part said she stays expectant of Nominations and Evictions so it does not feel shocking when it eventually happens. Angel takes a religious approach to coping with Evictions and emotions as she told Biggie she prays and sings to get over the emotions that come with them.

How they will play the game if Biggie changes the rules
If Housemates were to Vote who would be the winner and not the viewers, Saga said he would try to be a lot nicer to people and that he would try not to be too competitive at games. Former HoH Liquorose, said she would be more strategic and make sure her fellow Housemates see reason for them to Vote for her as the winner of the season. The current HoH Emmanuel said he will not change anything about himself and would definitely remain the same.

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