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Day 45: A goldfish surprise – BBNaija

07 September 2021
Never did the Housemates think they would be faced with such a cute challenge.
BBNaija a goldfish suprise

Last night Big Brother surprised the remaining thirteen Housemates with a gift they never expected. Out in the garden were the thirteen fishbowls, each designated to one of the Shine Ya Eye geng.🐠

Here is their message from Biggie:

Good evening Housemates,

Big Brother hopes you are happy to receive your new pets.

Your pets will remain in the house for the entirety of your stay in Big Brother’s house. Unless Big Brother changes the game.

As stated in your rule book, you are expected to take good care of them.

For this reason, a booklet has been provided to guide you on how best to do this.

Big Brother will like you to see your fish as an extension of yourselves.

Feel free to do whatever you like to nurture the bond between you and your fish.

You may name them, sing to them, even feel free to gist, gossip or talk with them.

Only one rule applies here, whatever happens, you must keep them alive.

Yours truly,

Big Brother.

We didn’t think the Housemates' faces would ever shine brighter than they did when they were given their “musical gifts” last week. The goldfish effect looked like some form of therapy but some of their conversations had us wondering if they really knew how to take care of these fish.

“Yours looks hungry and skinny,” Nini said about Saga’s fish. We hope we don’t witness a case of overfed fish because these new parents are eager. Jaypaul was also strumming away on the guitar, playing his own composition for his goldfish before asking it a few questions and welcoming it to the House.😅

They have started naming their new “Housemates” already! Saskay named her goldfish “Teka,” which she said means “Treasure”. Nini named hers “Jemi” and Saga’s is “Neon”. Angel was speaking some kind of baby language with her “Cranky” and at some point, we heard Whitemoney referring to his as “Agelebembem”.

We are also quite amused by some of your predictions about the Housemate’s week with their pet goldfish.😂 Some of you have already given these new additions personalities and some future predictions. We see Whitemoney cooking in the Kitchen with his little friend but accidentally adding him as an extra ingredient in one of his famous meals. Liquorose's fish might grow legs because mama dances nonstop! Saga's fish and Nini’s fish will behave like siblings, well because mum and dad are inseparable. Yousef's fish will be asleep most of the time and you know why. 💤 “Ladies and gentlemen!” are the words we’ll hear from the bubbles popping from Cross’ goldfish’s bowl. Best believe you will see it at all parties and games instigated by the fellow. Angel has already started talking to “Cranky”, giving off a “besties” vibe.  

We can’t wait to see how the Housemates take care of their new pets during yet another Task-filled week in the #BBNaija House. We are also keen to read all your predictions about how this week will shape up for the Housemates and their strange new visitors.

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