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Day 44: How the Housemates have made their money – BBNaija

06 September 2021
It's not just the Grand Prize... Big Brother's sponsors give plenty of chances for the Housemates to line their wallets.
Naira Cover

Being a Big Brother Housemate can be seriously profitable! Obviously, winning the Grand Prize worth N90 million is going to go a long way, but there are plenty of opportunities to make a buck every week, what with all the sponsored Tasks thrown the Housemates’ way.

Glover was the first of these, and it scored Arin, Emmanuel, Jaypaul, Niyi, Saskay, Whitemoney and Yousef $500 each – about N205 000. After that, the size of the winnings quickly ratcheted up. Airtel was able to send just shy of N143 000 to each of seven Housemates and – the following week – WAW split N1 million among the six winners of their Task, and they gave every single Housemate a one year supply of product. Up until now, all of this occurred before the arrival of the “new” Housemates JMK, Michael, Kayvee and Queen.

Guinness was the next sponsor to spend big on the Housemates, awarding the seven winning Housemates half a million Naira and half a year’s supply of Guinness. That’s a lot of money, and a lot of beer.

SuperSport got into the game (seeing as how that’s their primary business), and threw N300 000 at the five winners from the “puzzle phase” of their task, and quarter of a million at each of the six members of Team Premium, who won the “artistic expressions” phase of the Task. After that, Darling awarded N750 000 to five Housemates and Storm threw in N1.5 million for the six winners of their Task.

Tecno decided that they were going to get spendy, dishing out three separate rounds of awards to three separate teams: The winners of the two Teaser rounds of their Task saw N100 000 coming their way along with Tecno branded items, and the five winners of the Main Task each took home a quarter of a million Naira and a Tecno Phantom smartphone.

Patricia did as Patricia does, and awarded the winners of their Task with Bitcoin to the value of $1000 – about N411 730 at the time of writing. Dano was next to get in on the action with N300 000 Naria for each of the Task’s winners, along with a year’s supply of Dano products.

Supa Kommando decided to limit their prize to only two Housemates, but they made it count: a whopping N2 million went to Cross and Saskay, each, along with a year’s supply of Supa Kommando and a one year contract as Supa Kommando brand influencers. Yoh!

Alright, so you’ve just seen a bunch of numbers, but what you want to know, obviously, is what each of the Housemates has made, so far – who’s turning this Big Brother Naija thing into a very profitable side-hussle? Well, we’re here for you.  We’ve crunched the numbers, and here are the main take-aways:

Unsurprisingly, Saskay and Cross top out the list after their massive Supa Kommando wins, with N2.8 Million and N2.65 million respectively. Emmanuel, Liquorose, Yousef, Nini, Angel and Michael have all scored N1 million or more.  Near the bottom of the list are Queen, Beatrice, Yerins, Boma and Jackie B. These are the full standings:



N2 805 865


N2 650 000


N1 817 595


N1 461 730


N1 422 531


N1 166 666


N1 148 722


N1 048 722


N1 000 000


N922 531


N916 666


N904 587


N811 730


N678 396


N642 857


N500 000


N442 857


N300 000


N266 666


N250 000


N205 865


N150 000


N142 857


N142 857


N100 000

Jackie B

N100 000


There is still plenty of time for the remaining Housemates to get those bumbers up, but it’s safe to say that whoever walks away as the final winner is going to break all recording as soon as her or his name is announced. For everyone else, it’s about making as much before they get sent packing.  Shine Ya Eye!

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