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Day 44: Happy to be safe after quadruple Eviction – BBNaija

06 September 2021
No survivour's guilt here. The Housemates who survived Eviction have no other mood than that of happiness and gratitude.
Big Brother Naija S6

After a night filled with tension and a quadruple Eviction, one would have thought the BBNaija Housemates would pack up, go to bed and sleep the tension away but boy did we underestimate the tenacity of these guys.

The Housemates who didn’t get Evicted were quick to celebrate their survival and split into small groups to have light banter here and there. Nini and Saga remained in the lounge discussing the evictions and how having a strategy may likely not save anyone in the show.

Angel quickly changed her outfit shed a little tear in the room and then moved to the garden where she shed more tears out of disbelief.  Jaypaul however comforted her and let her know she was worth it and shouldn’t belittle herself in anyway. His exact words were “Angel you are a superstar. Don’t ever forget that.”

The Crosskay and Sasjay situation

Later on in the evening, Angel was in the garden again but this time in a cheerful mood having conversations with Jaypaul and Saskay about how Emmanuel was not genuinely into Liquorose and how he had been making passes at other female Housemates. A move Saskay said she was aware of.

No sooner had Angel said she could tell when a person was in love with their partner did Jaypaul playfully use the opportunity to ask if she could tell that he likes Saskay.  Angel was however quick to claim she did not know since she was not in his head. Jaypaul’s question led to a playful scenario between the three where poked fun at the SasJay ship.

While this was going on, Cross who was part of a triangle between Saskay and Jaypaul was in the dining area where he spoke with Pere and Jackie B about Saskay kissing Jaypaul saying he like Saskay but didn’t put too much pressure in making her his girl because she said no at first and once a woman says no, he moves on. He went on to say Jaypaul was diligent in his pursuit of Saskay and that’s why he got her and he respected Jaypaul’s diligence.

The lewd alphabet games

Later on in the night the games master himself, Cross, devised a new game in which the Housemates who played, took turns in describing their genital organs with adjectives or random words. The game started with the first letter of the alphabet and only moved to other alphabets when a Housemate fails to use an adjective to describe their genital organs. It was such a fun moments for the Housemates who had to think really fast so as not to get caught unawares.

Were there consequences if one failed? Of course, what’s a game in the ‘Shine Ya Eye’ house without consequences especially those attached to alcohol or a ‘dare’?  When Cross’ drink felt like poison in the mouth of his fellow Housemates, he resulted to using a ‘dare’ as an alternative. This of course led to us seeing some Housemates display their favourite love making positions and other light-hearted shenanigans.

The Housemates soon lost interest and broke into smaller groups again when Cross introduced a new game of charades with a twist the Housemates did not like. Soon on after this, it was bedtime for some and still more banter for others.

The one thing we have come to realize is that the ‘Shine Ya Eye’ geng have definitely sunk their teeth into the game and have accepted their time in the House for what it is; A GAME!

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