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Day 42: Eight discoveries we made watching Secret Diary Sessions on The Buzz - BBNaija

04 September 2021
If you're not watching Showmax' The Buzz, you're missing out. Here's why.
Secret Diary Article

This year, the addition of Showmax’ The Buzz has introduced a new platform for discussion about Big Brother Naija. With host Toke Makinwa discussing the week’s events with a series of guests, it’s played host to a lot of the hottest tea drinking the Shine Ya Eye season has to offer.  Another aspect of the show are the Secret Diary Room Sessions – which are not so secret if you tune into The Buzz.

Exclusive to the show, the sessions provide viewers the opportunity to see the Housemates rant and rave about things that are bothering them in the House, away from the judging eyes of their fellow Housemates, and the retribution that comes with it. These exclusive sessions have allowed us to shine our eye on the tensions and secrets that influence the behaviour in the Big Brother House. Here is list of the things we’ve learned.

Saga really can’t take a hint

From the minute she walked into the House, Nini has had Saga follow her around like a shadow. There’s been endless talk about this possible ship setting sail from viewers and the other Housemates alike, despite Nini repeatedly saying that she only wants to be friends and that she has a boyfriend outside the House. This has not stopped Saga from trying.

“Yesterday, Nini chased me out of her bed,” he said during his first secret Diary Session. “I made some moves. I guess I’m making progress.” When being chased away counts as “progress”, you know your game needs work. During another session, when asked what he would like to talk about, he said, “of course I want to talk about Nini. I never thought I would be this guy, having these feelings in the House.” The love bug certainly bit him.

The other Housemates have noticed his affection and have spoken to him about it.  “People have been telling me otherwise, but I think it’s okay,” Saga said about his relationship with Nini. “People have been telling me I look like a fool; they’ve been laughing about me behind my back.” Nini, for her part, had this to say during her secret session on exactly the same day: “Saga is such a good friend.”  Friend. Ouch.

During another Secret Diary, Saga complained that, “Nini says she’s rubbing off on me, in a bad way. I think she’s trying to use reverse psychology.” Well, clearly, because forward psychology wasn’t working.

Nini – by this time – was clearly getting irritated with Saga’s refusal to face facts. “He makes everything he does about me!” When reflecting on Ebuka’s awkward questioning during a Sunday Live Show, she said she wished he had directed his question to Saga instead.  “That’s all on Saga – it has nothing to do with me!”

At this stage, they’re still close, but Saga might be putting their friendship in jeopardy.

Pere has upset a fair number of Housemates

A lot of the Housemates used their Secret Diary Room session to rant about Pere. “I just feel he’s very vain and self-centred,” said Jaypaul. “Pere won’t accept when he’s wrong,” was Nini’s opinion on the matter. “I used to trust Pere as a friend,” said Saga, implying he does not trust him anymore. Maria, long considered Pere’s closest ally in the House, told Biggie that “Pere makes me slightly uncomfortable.” “I think he’s a very sneaky person,” said Princess.

On the topic of being barred from the kitchen by Pere when he was Head of House, Whitemoney said that “the Head of House thinks it is a strategy for me, but he fails to recognize that it’s just a passion I love.”

Which brings us to our next point:

Pere and Whitemoney really don’t like each other

“If I had powers of Eviction,” said Pere, “I would Evict Whitemoney. He’s just an embodiment of so much fakeness.” Whitemoney, for his part, would return the favour. “He’s too prideful and full of himself, never apologetic.” Whitemoney wasn’t alone in this regard.  When asked who they would Evict, if they could, a total of nine Housemates picked him as the one they would send packing.

No matter what they said, food is an issue

Nearly all the Housemates said they would never fight about food, but that resolve went out the window once the supplies started to run low.

“I don’t like the way things are going in the House.  People are cooking what they like, and now we are out of food,” said Whitemoney. Liquorose was exasperated by people who would eat one meal and then another right after. “You already ate beans, and now you eat noodles, too?” “Thanks for the food,” said Maria, “because we’ve been losing weight.” “The guys can also cook,” said Princess about the food running out, “so why would you put all the blame on the ladies?”

Saskay has always been on the fence about Cross and Jaypaul

Cross and Saskay have also been a “will they, won’t they” couple. Recently, a lot of people have been taking sides, some saying that Cross needs to move on, others that Saskay has been stringing him and Jaypaul along.

“The Housemates are beginning to ship Jaypaul and I,” she said, “and I am not into that.” “I think I’m really liking Saskay,” said Cross.  “I feel bad for making her drunk. My evil side is happy, my normal side is not happy.” “I just found out that Cross has feelings for me, and that is stressing me out,” Saskay revealed during another Secret Diary Room session. The problem is, the very next session, she said, “I’m sad/mad today, because Cross is ignoring me which is really annoying.” Make up your mind, sister!

On a side note, Saskay also had something to say about Yousef. “You know when I said I liked a part of Yousef, because there was some mystery there? Well, I think I’ve unveiled the mystery, and… no.” Sorry, Yousef – you’re just not her type.

Cross might want to switch his attentions to Peace

When asked who she would hook up with if all the cameras were turned off, Peace said, “Cross. Even if the cameras were on.” Maybe Cross should cut his losses with Saskay and switch his attentions to Peace.

The Housemates have certain opinions of Angel

When asked the same questions about who might hook up if the cameras were off, Angel’s name came up. A lot. “Me and Angel, Angel and Mike,” said Boma. “I’d have a few,” said the ever-confident Michael before he got specific and said, “Angel.” Jaypaul also had Angel on his list, along with JMK and – surprise, surprise – Saskay. When pondering the question about who would hook up with whom, Whitemoney simply said, “Angel and whoever she chooses,” which says a lot about Angel’s clout in the House.

The House can take its toll

The Secret Diary Room Sessions have often been home to emotional moments when the Housemates let their guard down and confess to the stresses they feel in the House.  A crying Queen told Biggie, “I’m really trying to get used to being here, but I’m finding it harder than I thought.” “Mentally I’ve been trying to withdraw,” said Maria, “because everything I say comes out wrong.”  According to Cross, “one minute you’re having a good time, the next moment it flips.”

In a heartfelt moment that probably meant a lot to Pere, he said, “I don’t eat food with salt.” #BBNaijaStruggles

You can catch all the exclusive Diary Room Sessions – along with a lot else – every Tuesday and Thursday on Showmax, streaming from 19:00, Western Africa Time. You can stream the show right now by clicking here.

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