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Day 41: Abeg’s obstacle course – BBNaija

03 September 2021
It took luck, grit and a bit of strength to get through this Task. Here’s the run-down of the Friday Abeg Task.

Tonight's Abeg Task was filled with four interesting obstacles that tested the Housemates on various levels.

Obstacle one

Memory Test; the Housemates had to walk on a beam to view the image they had to recreate for a jigsaw puzzle. While this Task may have looked easy, there’s a lot more to it than what meets the eye – and for those with the memory akin to a goldfish, this obstacle was not easy. 

Obstacle two

Monkey Bar was a simple test of strength and fitness and those morning workout sessions came in handy for quite a few Housemates. The House was required to swing through five bars on the monkey bars obstacle without their feet touching the ground. 

Obstacle three

Keys to Success; Housemates were required to find a key that can unlock only one of the 39 padlocks from the bowl of keys. Housemates were allowed to use any technique that they felt would advance their game. 

Obstacle four 

The Art Masterpiece, Housemates were expected to pick one random card from the cards placed on the stool. The card each Housemate picked corresponded to a paint number and a region or part of the artwork where they had to paint.

To keep the Task interesting and competitive, Biggie asked Housemates to pick their order of undertaking this Task by way of a lucky dip and further allowed Housemates to only go through at least three Obstacles with the Art Masterpiece being the only compulsory part of the Task. Housemates were required to complete all three Tasks in at least four minutes. 

Boma was the first to take on this Task and his upper body strength carried his swing through monkey bars – and his lucky chance at the Keys of Success gave him a leading edge in this Challenge. 

Angel, Liquorose and Tega struggled to get through this obstacle, but their resilient spirit kept pushing through the Task until the Buzzer sounded. Although they didn’t finish the Task, kudos to them for keeping on in the game. Amongst the ladies, Jackie B and Peace took to the Art Masterpiece but Peace stood out with an impressive finishing time, putting her in the lead. 

Saga gave an impressive run with a fast swing at the monkey bars and a quick paint job at the Art Masterpiece. His time ran at an impressive 01:26 minutes. We guess his love for fitness and art gave him a competitive advantage amongst the guys. However, Emmanuel’s turn took this obstacle to the next level with brisk movement and swift painting technique. His time beat Saga's run by 21 seconds putting him in the lead. 

Congratulations to Emmanuel and Peace for being the victors of tonight’s Task. They will receive a reward of 250 Abeg Naira and 100 BB Tokens each. This makes Emmanuel’s BB Tokens tie with Jaypaul's stash, which currently sits at 800 BB Tokens. They are a few more Tokens closer to affording the highly coveted Immunity. 

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