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Day 39: The geng get CloseUp – BBNaija

01 September 2021
The Housemates get busy with a new Task from Close Up
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Today, the Housemates have another Task to complete – and this time it's courtesy of CloseUp. In accordance with tradition, the Head of House had to read out the Brief to the Housemates. In light of the fact that we have two HoH this week, Jaypaul did the honours.

The first part of the Task

The Housemates had to divide themselves into eight teams immediately. To do this, the House was provided with two boxes. All the female Housemates had to take turns in picking one name card from the box labelled “Team Names”, while the male Housemates picked from the box labelled “Female.” The box labelled “Female” contained the names of all female Housemates. This means each male Housemate ended up pairing with the female Housemate they each picked from the box.

Once they had all picked their cards, the male Housemates were told not to reveal the name on their card to other Housemates until when they were asked to thereby making sure the name written on each male Housemate’s card may only be known by the male Housemate holding the card.

For the female Housemates, once they had picked their team names, they collected a card with their corresponding team name from the Heads of House. Each card came with a do-rag which they wore immediately and then proceeded to hold up their cards for all the male Housemates to take note of.

Now that they had finished with picking their partners and identifying their team names, there was a second Brief to tell them what was next. This time, Head of House Jackie B read it.

Wooing the ladies

For this Brief, all the female Housemates were asked to settle in the main lounge immediately. Then, the male Housemates were given two minutes to write a cool pick-up line on the CloseUp card provided. The pick-up line must include the team name and end with the name of their partner. Once two minutes elapsed, the gents then proceeded to the Lounge to reveal their partner by reading out their written pick-up line to her one after another. One by one, the male Housemates filed out to read some of the most romantic pick up lines that had the ladies in a frenzy.

Watch the video here

The Closeup shot

For this Task, the Housemates had to work in their respective teams to come up with a photo story that best interprets the Closeup Triple Fresh TV advert. They also had to show how Closeup boosts their confidence and allows them to get comfortable around people. The teams were given 45 minutes to rub minds and decide on a theme for their photo story, and the poses they will strike during their team’s photoshoot in the arena.

Turn by turn each team stepped into the photo booth looking radiant and confident as they created their different themes to interpret the Closeup Brief. From trendy looks to a bit of the old school and even a goth look, the Housemates came out looking like a million bucks. After they were done taking their pictures, the next Task was for each team to discuss the idea behind their themes for the photo stories. They each presented quite convincing stories about their photos and it was a thrill to watch.

The Winners

Firstly, Michael and Saga each won a 100 000 Naira reward for the Best pick up line. The best-dressed team was Team Deep Clean where Whitemoney and Queen also won a 100 000 Naira reward each. Team Red Hot, Angel and Pere, received 200 000 Naira each for the best pictures. The best story concept went to Liquorose, Jaypaul and Saga’s team and they each received a 200 000 Naira reward. Finally, no one is a loser in the Big Brother Naija House. All Housemates received one year’s supply of Close Up products!

AngelBomaCrossEmmanuelLiquoroseMichaelNiniPeacePereQueenSagaSaskayTegaWhitemoney and Yousef have been Nominated for Eviction this Sunday You can VOTE to Save your favourite Housemate via the Africa Magic website HERE and the Africa Magic mobile site by selecting contestants of your choice and entering your number of votes and click VOTE. Voting via these platforms is limited to 100 votes per user. You can also download the MyGOtv and MyDStv Apps for additional Votes. Votes are free and Votes are allocated based on your subscription packages. The voting window closes by 9pm on Thursday, September 2, 2021.