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Day 12: The Airtel Task – BBNaija

05 August 2021
The BBNaija Shine Ya Eye Housemates have their hands full with the Airtel Task.
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After completing their first Token Challenge, the Shine Ya Eye Housemates have another Task on their hands and this time, it’s the Airtel Task. This Task has been divided into 3 parts. The instructions for each activity will be given to them when the time comes.

The First Task 
Attached to the Brief was a big airtel envelope containing 22 smaller envelopes for each Housemate. The Head of House, Boma proceeded to distribute the envelopes to all Housemates with their corresponding names. Inside each small envelope were instructions for the first Task. They were not allowed to discuss or disclose the information written inside their envelopes. Any Housemate who breaks this rule will automatically be disqualified from the Task. The Housemates had only one hour to complete this first Task. The sound of the buzzer will signify when they were to start and when to end. Airtel merchandise was also provided for them. It wasn't too long after each Housemate got their merchandise and envelope that the buzzer went off. Not wasting any more time, the Housemate got down to the business of executing their first Task.

The Hidden Instruction

For Arin and Saga, they were Tasked to ensure that the House remained lively for the one-hour duration. It was their responsibility to ensure that the Housemates interacted and were in high spirits. They had to come up with ways to carry this Task without being obvious about it.

The rest of the Housemates

They were to completely ignore Saga and Arin. No interactions, no touching, no eye contact, nothing. They were to act as if they do not exist while going about their regular activities. They were not to talk, smile, play, blink, or even give as much as a sign to both of them. 

The Second Task

Done with the first part of the Airtel Task, the Housemates soon moved to the second part. For this part, all the Housemates were asked to gather in front of the TV in the lounge to watch a video.

Immediately after they finished watching the video, they each had to take turns answering if they had ever been ghosted on before due to network issues and their first reaction was when they found out they didn't have access to the internet. They had only 30 minutes to carry out this activity and they were to be guided on when to start and when to end by the sound of the buzzer.

The Final Task

For the final part of the Task, the Housemates were asked to divide themselves into three teams. Each team must comprise male and female members.

Once formed, they have 90 minutes to create and write a perfect sequel to the Airtel Ghost advert played for them. Once the 90 minutes elapses, all teams must proceed to the arena to make their presentations wearing the new merchandise. In the arena, the Head of House will coordinate the entire process by calling the teams one after another to make their presentations. Each team had five minutes to make their presentation.

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