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Day 1: A hot, sweaty, body blitzing session! – BBNaija

25 July 2021
Guess who got it all this morning!

There was lots of rising and plenty of shining this morning in the Big Brother Naija House, but not because of the promise of a new day.  This time, the "shining" was courtesy of the hot, wet, sweat that drenched bodies and threatened to blind our gents as they got their day started. 

It all came by way of engineer turned fitness instructor Saga, who took the boys through their paces during an impromptu (and torturous) workout session that unfolded in the lounge.

A chirpy Saga, who we gather is a morning person, happily appointed himself gym instructor for the day, a move the groggy gents, who by the way still hadn't digested their breakfast, had no energy to fight. 

The men, some of who look like they haven't seen the inside of a gym in ages (sorry guys 😂) were taken through their paces by an energetic Saga. From lunges to leg lifts, no routine was out of bounds.

Getting it in!

As the gang made their way to the circle, Boma fielded compliments about his great body, and in response, insisted "it doesn't come by sitting or sleeping". Well alright then! At some point, someone shouted "Give us music, Biggie" but Biggie made it clear they were all on their own, and the gang finally came to the realisation they had to get shredded via the soundtrack of their own laboured breathing and thumping hearts. No fire Naija music to work out to today!

Although sold as "getting a little cardio in", the session turned into getting a LOT of cardio (and other extras) in – and by the end of it all, tongues were hanging out of mouths and bodies were dropping to the ground.

"Well done! Work that heart," an oblivious and obviously pumped-up Saga exclaimed as his fellow Housemates held on to couches in a collective attempt to catch their breath between sets. Whitemoney in particular looked like he was regretting everything. He started sweating immediately, but managed to push through to the end, even offering up some of his own variations to the buffet of exercises on display.

"Is this even worth it?"

After watching from the sidelines and seemingly weighing the pros and cons of jolting his muscles awake so early in the morning, Yerins enthusiastically (not a chance) gave in and joined the gang on the floor, but kept to his little corner, where he could rest without Saga and the rest of the Housemates seeing him slack off. Like Whitemoney, he looked like he wished someone would take him out of his misery, but alas. 

Pretty soon, more Housemates trickled in and bodies were blitzed as their happy coach bounded about like an excited puppy. When Pere grabbed his abs (which were positively burning at this point) and winced dramatically, it became clear that bodies had been pushed to the limit. After a couple of dizzy, half-hearted attempts to get things going for longer, the session winded down with some "yoga breathing" and lots of "throwing in the towel".

Bodies collapsed to the floor and Pere, who looked close to dead, scored a much-needed massage from Emmanuel. To cool off, the men stripped off in the kitchen (hello, abs!) and spent the rest of the morning topless, which we obviously are not complaining about. Our Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye fellas are going to need their hearts in top condition for tonight's Live Show, because the girls are coming in! Tune into DStv CH 198 at 19:00 to see how they react!

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