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The African talents making remarkable indigenous films and shows – AMVCA 10

13 April 2024
Meet the notable indigenous original and indigenous language nominees from East, West, and Southern Africa.

At Africa Magic, spotlighting and creating beautiful content in several local languages is one of our many passions! This year, at the tenth edition of the Africa Magic Viewers' Choice Awards, we are eager to celebrate African talents making top-notch indigenous films and shows across four public voting award categories: Indigenous Original, Indigenous Language East Africa, Indigenous Language West Africa, and Indigenous Language Southern Africa. Meet the contenders: 


Indigenous Original

Irora Iya by Adeniyi Joseph Omobulejo and Allen Onyige

Meaning "The agony of motherhood," Irora Iya follows the life of a teenage girl who gets pregnant after secondary school; she decides to run away from home to abort her baby. However, things start to fall apart when she falls into the wrong hands as a doctor who secretly works for an infant trafficker lures her into seeking refuge with the trafficker. 

Nana Akoto by Kwabena Gyansah

The drama series Nana Akoto is a tale about a young warrior named Akoto who finds himself on the run from his captors, the Denkyiras. As he desperately seeks refuge, fate leads him to an encounter with a spiritual leader and the Princess of Denkyira. Together, they embark on a journey to fight against their common enemy.

Love Transfusion (Kiapo Cha Damu) by Kefa Hussein Igilo

Written and produced by  Kefa Hussein Igilo, the movie Love Transfusion is about a woman who falls for her friend's spouse after a blood transfusion where doctors mistakenly transfused blood that was not intended for her and contained mystical love portions.

The Passenger by Usama Mukwaya, Meddy Sserwadda and Hadijah Nakanjako

In The Passenger, producers Usama Mukwaya, Meddy Sserwadda, and Hadijah Nakanjako bring to life a story about a bus ride that turned chaotic! In the wake of a series of bomb explosions on buses, passengers on a bus in Masaka discover one of the passengers has a mysterious and potentially dangerous package, causing tensions to arise. 

Apo (The Bag) by Yewande Olusesan Adekoya

Directed by Tope Muritala Adebayo and produced by Yewande Olusesan Adekoya, who also played the role of Ireti, Apo is a drama series about a mysterious bag containing money, a charm, and a gun that suddenly appears in a compound and throws everyone into an unhealthy dose of greed and rivalry.


Indigenous Language East Africa

Wandongwa by John Kokolo

Daniel Boma, a journalist, decides to visit a small, hidden, and unknown tribal community named Wandongwa. On arrival, he encounters strange customs and traditions behind the scenes and begins the process of intellectually liberating the community. 

Nakupenda by Juma Saada

The romantic movie Nakupenda follows the story of a man and a woman who have loved each other since childhood. They get separated but meet again in old age and decide to awaken their feelings of love despite their families' disapproval. 

Ormoilaa Ogol ( The Strong One) by Lavera Ndanunga

Propelled by an unwavering devotion to love, Ormoilaa fearlessly navigates through diverse landscapes, risking life and limb to ensure a prosperous future for his offspring. Ormoilaa Ogol is a tale about bravery and the legacy of love. 

Where the river divides by Matrid Nyagah and MD Neely

A gripping 1979 true story about the son - Dennis (Gadwill Odhiambo), of a clan elder - Okoth (Benjamin Onyango), returning home to his village in Thimlich Ohinga, Migori County in Kenya, following his baptism. Dennis must choose whether to inherit his father's legacy or fulfill his newfound purpose, which risks his life.

Itifaki by Omar Hamza

A house viewing goes haywire when the sellers discover the buyer has an ulterior motive. The short film, written and directed by Omar Hamza, features Emmanuel Mugo and Jack Mutinda.


Indigenous Language West Africa

Mami Wata by CJ Fiery Obasi 

In Iyi village, villagers worshipped a mermaid deity, Mami Wata, through an intermediary and healer, Mama Efe, and Mama Efe's daughter, Zinwe, and her protege, Prisca. However, when their children suddenly begin to die and disappear, a resident named Jadi casts doubt on the population, and Zinwe flees. Soon, the rebellious warlord, Jasper, arrives and tips the scales in Jabi's favour. With the village under new control, Prisca and Zinwe must plot to save their people and restore Mami Wata's glory to Iyi.

Jagun Jagun (The Warrior) by Femi Adebayo

A Young man determined to become a powerful warrior joins an elite army, encountering the wrath of a maniacal warlord and the love of a fierce woman. Jagun Jagun also features famous Nollywood actors such as Femi Lateef Adebayo, Fathia Balogun, Lateef Adedimeji, Ibrahim Yekini, and Bukunmi Oluwashina.

Ijogbon (Chaos) by Kunle Afolayan

Kunle Afolayan's Ijogbon is a tale about four friends, Jamiu, Ranti, Oby, and Omooba, who live in the small village of Oyo-Oke and discover a bag of diamonds while walking through a forest path. They debate whether to turn the diamonds over to the police or keep them for themselves. They decide to keep the diamonds a secret and go on a shopping spree in the nearby city of Ibadan. 

Meanwhile, one woman and three middle-aged men, Chidera, Kafanchan, Ming-Ho, and Banjo, are searching for their lost diamonds and decide to visit the village of Oyo-Oke under the guise of setting up a factory. The four friends become suspicious of the visitors, and Omooba is kidnapped. Jamiu, Ranti, and Oby must return the diamonds or risk losing their friend.

Nana Akoto by Kwabena Gyansah

Also nominated for Best Indigenous Original, Nana Akoto is a riveting tale of bravery, unity, and destiny inspired by true events.

Orisa by Odunlade Adekola 

Produced, directed, and featuring Nollywood luminary Odunlade Adekola, Orisa is a movie about a king who loses respect for the gods and his people and eventually puts the kingdom at risk. The queen is forced to stand in, fight a dangerous terrorist, and save their kingdom from captivity.


Indigenous Language Southern Africa

Motshameko O Kotsi by Molebogeng Mapotlakele Mamakoko and Joseph Merlin Tafou

In this gripping and emotionally charged film, Tumelo is caught in a tumultuous love triangle between his fiancée, Bonolo, and her friend, Lesego. As tensions rise and suspicions of infidelity emerge, Tumelo accuses Bonolo of cheating on him with her ex-boyfriend. In a desperate attempt to test Tumelo's faithfulness, Bonolo asks Lesego to seduce him. However, as the tangled web of deceit unravels, Tumelo discovers that Bonolo orchestrated Lesego's involvement, leaving him hurt and betrayed. Secrets are revealed, including Bonolo's pregnancy with her ex-boyfriend's child, further complicating their already strained relationship.

As Tumelo 's feelings for Lesego intensify, he sends her a heartfelt voice note expressing his love. But their happiness is short-lived when Tumelo overhears Bonolo arguing with her ex-boyfriend, revealing the extent of the deception. Tumelo confronts Bonolo, leading to a heated argument and a tragic accident that results in the death of her fiance, Obi. As the story climaxes, Bonolo's desperation grows, leading her to seek revenge on Lesego through a traditional healer. However, her plans are thwarted, and Lesego and Tumelo's relationship strengthens as they face the consequences of their actions together.

Uncle Limbani by Mulenga Mbulo Phiri

Uncle Limbani is a garden boy and a daydreamer who wants to live a life beyond his reach. However, He always finds himself in trouble in his effort to hustle for his dream life.

Service to Heart by Paul .S. Wilo

After eight years of sacrifice and torment, Elizabeth Fatao Njamba secretly hallows in alcohol and dark turmoil that death is coming for her cerebral palsy and hydrocephalus child (Heart) sooner than later. She finds herself giving in to the suggestion of euthanasia by her sister as this is the only way they can free her daughter, a decision that eventually destroys her marriage and sends her into insanity.

You get to decide! Vote now for your favourite remarkable talents in the Indigenous Original, Indigenous Language East Africa, Indigenous Language West Africa, and Indigenous Language Southern Africa categories.   

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