Top five chaotic dates – Date My Family Nigeria

31 March 2022
They chose chaos and we loved every moment.
Top 5 DMF

You can't always expect dates with the families of your prospective boo to go well, especially when it feels like an audition. They want to know if you are good enough for their family, while you want to know if your prospective date is the right fit. In the process of both parties trying to get answers, things sometimes get a little chaotic.

This season of Date My Family had a few of those chaotic dates and we ranked our top five here.

Prowess appraisal

Number 5 in our top five chaotic dates list is August's date. At first, everything seemed fine. Every family member he met liked him, and he seemed to make a good first impression. We expected it to continue this way until one question almost had us spitting out our drink. "How long do you last in bed?" August was just as surprised as we were when he was asked this by one of the families he visited. On one hand, this is a bit shocking, but on the other, we totally understand why it was necessary to ask the question. When it comes to finding a compatible partner, everything matters, including sexual prowess.

Watch how August dealt with this question here

Feisty and fun

Airhee already gave us the hint that she had a feisty side, so when we saw her give a family the gbas gbos treatment, we weren't really surprised. To be fair, they asked for it. When you ask a woman about cooking and cleaning in 2022, it’s very likely that you are going to get served!

Airhee did have a pleasant and fun side though and we were glad we got to see that bit during her dates.

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Unpleasant vibes

Our third most chaotic date has to be that of Mary. At some point, we couldn't tell if she was looking for love or war. From shutting people up, to being overly suspicious and slightly rude to some of her prospective suitor's families, Mary was giving off vibes that weren’t entirely pleasant. We weren't really surprised when two of her prospective suitors went ahead to reject her before she even made her choice. Maybe they were a bit harsh, but you know what? Why don't you see it for yourself and tell us what you think?

Preacher of war

It almost seemed like Chaliya was spoiling for a fight. She not only rated the meal her date's family made for her poorly, but she was also reprimanding Collins (her date) repeatedly during their dinner date. If Collins came to that date with a truckload of ego, he certainly left with none by the time she was done with him. This was actually the first episode in which both parties agreed not to have a second date. Yeah, it was that bad!

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Get four jobs or continue searching

At number one is TJ, whose search for a virtuous woman made him realise, he had a stringent condition to fulfill if he ever wanted her. What was this condition? He had to have nothing less than four sources of income. Wahala! He had to pull his weight if he wanted her. Social media went abuzz when they saw this condition he was given.

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It's been a romantic and bumpy road on this season of Date My Family and we love every moment of it. Stream all these episodes on Showmax here.