Shine Ya Eye Geng make their return – BBNaija Reunion

03 June 2022
It’s all love and light as the geng return.
day 1 reunion

The Shine Ya Eye Housemates finally made their grand entrance for their highly anticipated reunion and it was a delight to watch. The streets of social media were ecstatic about their return and they had nothing but compliments for their faves who looked delectable as always.

When asked how they felt about being back together in the same room for the first time since they left the house, they had quite a lot to say. Saga was beaming with joy as he announced how good it felt being back. When asked about the status of their friendship, Nini left us in suspense urging that we watch the entire reunion to find out what's up with their relationship. This we would love to see.❤

One by one, the Housemates waltzed their way in full of smiles spreading love, light, and cuteness. They were also quite generous with the hugs too making us assume this season might be all peaches and roses.

Although quite a lot of fans are hoping for a bit of gbas gbos served with a side of pettiness, a few Housemates are already declining to create such scenarios. Pere in particular said he wasn't looking forward to the petty and nonsensical stuff. Maria is hoping no one pisses her off because she really has no time for drama. JMK just wants to be left out of the drama and insists she never stirred up any drama during her stay, so she hopes no one involves her in any mess. Beatrice on the other hand is all about peace, but she did say she has a bit of gbas gbos she is willing to unleash. Queen seemed ready to give back in equal measure. “The reaction you give to me is the same reaction I will give to you,” she said.

Away from the prospect of vawulence, a few ex-Housemates believe this was an opportunity to clear the air, speak their minds and settle unfinished business. Yousef is hoping to make some confessions and speak his truth.

For some, time in the House had them embroiled in a lot of drama and the backlash from fans had them unsettled for a bit. Boma spoke about how he had to ignore the comments because it seemed like there was no way he could change people’s perspectives about him, so he just had to ride the wave. Tega on her part didn't see the need to cry over spilled milk, so best to keep it moving. Peace talked about taking time off the internet, especially seeing how the conversation in the Executive Lounge turned ugly and controversial. Luckily for her, she is back blonde and happier.

Even though it was just the introduction, Ebuka immediately tried to fire up the gas when he asked Michael how he felt about Whitemoney moving to Jackie B immediately after he got Evicted. For a moment it seemed the flames we were expecting were about to be ignited, but Michael soon doused it explaining it was all good and he always knew Whitemoney had great taste, so that move was expected. He believed it was just fans trying to stoke up flames in what wasn't essentially a big deal.

Watch the first day of The Reunion here

There you have it! The first night of the Reunion. All seems fine and dandy but how long before all hell breaks loose? We'll just have to wait and find out. Watch the Reunion on AM Urban and AM Family at 10 and 10:30 pm WAT every weekday respectively to get the lowdown.