Stormy seas – Eve Image : 15194
Cuffs and a hit – Venge Image : 15187
Cuffs and a hit – VengeAllison has decided to do the right thing by arresting Bibi, and Yemi foils an attempt on his life.
The heat is on – Dilemma Image : 15184
The heat is on – DilemmaAs the police search Lady T's club, under orders to arrest her if they find anything incriminating, Aaliyah is surprised that her daughter might have taken sides with her dad.
Search for Jude – Tinsel Image : 15189
Search for Jude – TinselJude's whereabouts remain a cause for concern even though Tochi says he is fine.
The error – Eve Image : 15190
The error – EveMama's error of posting Temi's personal incident on a social platform earned her a rebuke from Peter while Ezinne seeks stronger financial options.
A break, a bust, and an accident – Venge Image : 15152
A break, a bust, and an accident – VengeTimi gets a break in his plan to bring down his partners, Bibi gets caught, and Angela gets into a car accident.
Death strikes again – Dilemma Image : 15151
Death strikes again – DilemmaDeath dealt a cruel hand and snatched Itoro as she planned to celebrate her children's foundation.
A date and a naming ceremony – TinselFrom a romantic date to the preparation for the baby naming ceremony, all seems rosy, but not between Shosanna and Shalewa.
Pursuit of freedom – Eve Image : 15154
Pursuit of freedom – EveHaving hurt his sister due to his frequent absences, Adelomo has promised to use every resource at his disposal in an effort to free her from prison.
Tawa gets another chance – Dilemma Image : 15150
Tawa gets another chance – DilemmaTawa's attempt at killing Kaineto has backfired, but luck is on her side as she gets another chance to hold on to her life.
Time for therapy – Tinsel Image : 15149
Time for therapy – TinselWhile Damini muses over going for therapy to cope with the demands of being a new father, Shoshanna is still dealing with the hurt of heartbreak.
James gets a driver – MSI Image : 15145
James gets a driver – MSITo start his new car service, James has gotten himself a new employee and all that's left is for him to deliver the daily target.
The land tussle  – Eve Image : 15144
The land tussle – EveFresh trouble is brewing as the tussle for a land turns violent despite the intent to take it to court.
Saving William's life – Venge Image : 15128
Saving William's life – VengeAgainst their will, Kamara and Timi have been threatened to corroborate William's story in order to save his life. Angela on the other hand has to fend off a lovestruck client.
Love is a complex game – Dilemma Image : 15127
Love is a complex game – DilemmaWhile Yolaine battles her feelings for Kanso, Noelle has started developing feelings for Kanan.
Ubong's new venture – MSI Image : 15126
Ubong's new venture – MSIWith thoughts of settling down on his mind, Ubong has decided to invest in a new business. James on the other hand has to contend with Angela's wealthy boyfriend.
Old faces and old wounds – Venge Image : 15124
Old faces and old wounds – VengeAllison is reinstated into the police force to Halima's surprise, and Bibi opens old wounds as she exacts her revenge.
Fight erupts – Dilemma Image : 15123
Fight erupts – DilemmaWhile Raoul and Tahir get physical over Salma's affection, Jocelyn tries to get her pound of flesh off Mariame for disgracing her at her daughter's funeral service.
Can't play hard with love – Tinsel Image : 15119
Can't play hard with love – TinselSankey shows her vulnerable side as she talks about Angus, wishing they were still together.
Bibi mourns her dad – Venge Image : 15071
Bibi mourns her dad – VengeIn a moment of vulnerability, Bibi mourns her losses while Yemi plans a sit-down with Pastor to discuss Mama K's terms.
Joyce's funeral – DilemmaEven though they were all arrested by her father, Joyce's friends have mandated themselves to celebrate her life in a memorable fashion.
Honeymoon in full swing – Tinsel
Honeymoon in full swing – TinselLaide might be having the time of her life with her man but she is still concerned about her safety and plans on tightening her security.
One step forward and two steps back – Unmarried Image : 15072
One step forward and two steps back – UnmarriedLotanna tries to impress Kaamsi with his business idea and ends up getting scammed while Nengi realises Bode has no tangible plan for their future.
Just a warning – Dilemma Image : 15032
Just a warning – DilemmaTahir has issued a strict warning to Zayn about interfering in the affairs of the mine while Tawa is bent on revenge.
Stormy seas – Eve