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What Will People Say


What Will People Say premieres on Africa Magic Showcase

08 June 2023
Get ready for love, drama, and plenty of laughs when What Will People Say hits your screens!
What will people say article

It's not February, but love is in the air, folks, and it's time to grab your popcorn and settle in for the hottest reality dating show of the season! What Will People Say is a captivating new series premiering on the 16th of June, exclusively on DStv Africa Magic Showcase Ch. 151 every Friday at 21:00 WAT. Watch as people from all walks of life come together in search of that elusive thing called love.

A melting pot of romantics
In this unpredictable journey to find love, prepare to be swept off your feet as What Will People Say brings together a colorful cast of characters from all walks of life. We're talking about people from wide-ranging demographics, varying professions, and different socio-economic statuses, all in pursuit of that magical connection that sets hearts ablaze. Love knows no boundaries, and this show is here to prove it!

Here's the scoop
Six dazzling admirers are handpicked and trust us, they will make your heart skip a beat. These contenders are the cream of the crop, ready to charm their way into your affections. With each episode, you'll be treated to a delightful display of charisma and chemistry as the seekers, with the guidance of a live audience, embark on a mission to find their perfect match. Get ready for sparks to fly and hearts to race!

But wait, there's a twist in this tale!
Just when you thought you had it all figured out, here comes the thrilling part. While the audience gets to cast their votes, our seekers hold the ultimate power to either follow the popular choice or take destiny into their own hands. Talk about suspense! You'll find yourself perched on the edge of your seat, eagerly awaiting each nail-biting decision. Will they go with the crowd or trust their gut?

Manifesto madness and the dream garden
As the admirers are narrowed down to the final three, the intensity heats up. These lucky three contenders will step into the spotlight, ready to give it their all. They'll present their heartfelt manifesto, pitching themselves to the audience and seeker, hoping to win their affection. The tension mounts as the audience votes and the seeker faces the ultimate choice. Who will capture their heart?

Once the decision is made, it's off to the dream garden for a romantic dinner date. This is where the real magic happens, folks! The seeker and their chosen admirer will have the chance to interact officially for the first time. Sparks may fly, laughter may ensue, and who knows what else? It's a crucial moment where they'll decide if this could be the start of something special, or if it's time to bid farewell and move on.

Diaries, drama, and all the feels
Throughout the journey, the seeker and admirer will have the chance to express themselves in personal diaries. These intimate entries will give us a sneak peek into their thoughts and emotions as their connection grows.

What Will People Say is not just another dating show, it's an entertaining spectacle that will keep you hooked from start to finish. Whether you're a hopeless romantic or a skeptic at heart, this show guarantees an unforgettable TV experience. Tune in to DStv Africa Magic Showcase Ch. 151 every Friday night at 21:00 WAT for romance, laughter, and suspense. Love is about to take center stage, and you won't want to miss a moment of it.