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Hauwa's top five outrageous challenges – What Will People Say

31 August 2023
Dive into the world of 'What Will People Say,' where Hawa Magaji concocts daring challenges that push contestants to the limits of romance.
Hawa's challenges

If you're stepping onto a dating game show like What Will People Say, with hopes of catching the eye of a potential partner, you better bring your A-game. Let's be real, if the host of the show is Hawa Magaji, you're in for an adventure that could leave you blushing or laughing – or both! Hawa sure knows how to spice things up and put her contestants on the spot, coaxing out their inner romantic warriors. So, let's dive into the top five things Hawa has cheekily made her guests do to impress their potential matches.

Striptease surprise
Hawa didn't hold back on this one. Emmanuel probably didn't see it coming, but boy, was he game! He was ready to peel off those layers in the name of wooing. The tension was palpable, and just when things were heating up, Hawa pulled the plug – talk about leaving us hanging! It would have been quite the spectacle.

Strippy for Chrissy

Twerking trials
Lilian's face was probably a mix of shock and surprise when Hawa dropped the twerking bombshell. Twerk for Patrick? Poor Lilian's immediate reaction was, "I can't twerk!" But she gave it her best shot, even if it seemed like she might need to sign up for twerking 101 classes. Hey, there's no shame in enrolling – twerking skills could be the new dating currency.

Patrick's treat

Wordless declarations
Love is all about connection and chemistry, right? Well, Hawa decided to put that theory to the test by having an admirer convey her feelings to Nuel using only sign language. Admirer didn't shy away from the challenge. With silent words and a lot of expressive gestures, she made her intentions crystal clear. And guess what? Nuel didn't need any audible words to make his choice.

Watch the chemistry

Lifting in love
When Prince got the challenge, he must've thought, "Easy peasy!" With biceps that could double as medicine balls, he was the perfect candidate to lift someone romantically. Hawa had him carry Fatimah like a modern-day knight in shining armor, and Prince didn't disappoint. The romantic lift left us all swooning.

Watch Prince flex his biceps

A kingly treatment
Hawa decided to dial it down a bit, but the sparks flew nonetheless. She asked Cory to treat Ayilola like the quintessential African king. Guess what? Cory delivered by showering Ayilola with affection. Who can resist that kind of five-star treatment? It wasn't surprising that Cory ended up being Ayilola's choice at the end of the game. After all, who could say no to such royal attention?

So there you have it, folks – Hawa's What Will People Say isn't just about discovering love; it's about stirring up laughter, suspense, and unforgettable moments. Keep up with the romantic vibes and find out what surprises Hawa has in store for contestants by tuning in to What Will People Say on Africa Magic Showcase Ch. 151 at 21:00 WAT and on Africa Magic Urban Ch. 153 at 21:30 WAT.