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The unforgettable reunion – Unscripted

28 March 2024
It was a wild night filled with chaos and surprises.
The unforgettable reunion  – Unscripted

From the most tantalizing secrets unveiled to shocking physical altercations and endless drama, the season finale of Africa Magic Showcase's Unscripted—The Reunion was a rollercoaster ride! Here are some of our most thrilling moments from the finale episode.

Tamara chooses herself 

Rather than wallow in self-pity and argue with Dozie, Omusi, and the rest of the housemates, Tamara decided to walk off and bow out gracefully, a move in her best interest. Even after Jamila pulled several strings to get her to stay, Tamara stood her ground and chose her sanity and well-being instead.  

Jemila's secret gets revealed 

Working with your husband and ex-boyfriend on the same set is bound to cause chaos. For Jemila, the producer who struggles with setting boundaries, this was a recipe for disaster, and disaster did come when a video of her making out with Frank was released for the world to see by Ese. 

Deji reacts

On seeing the video of his wife, Jemila, kissing Frank, Deji's emotions spiral out of control. After confronting Jemila and putting her in her rightful place, Deji lets his emotions get the best of him and takes matters into his own hands; right as the reunion show is wrapping up, Deji saves the best for last as he storms in to physically attack Frank leaving the whole room in a frenzy. 

Omusi's loss of her car after a cigarette caused it to set on fire was super emotional, and, like fans on social media, Mr Trix's parting words were a peak and hilarious highlight of the finale!

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