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New lives, old problems - Unmarried

13 January 2023
Funbi, Nengi, and Kamsi are trying to move on but they can't seem to break free just yet.
Unmarried s4 premier

A new chapter begins for Funbi, Nengi, and Kamsi as they try to find that elusive happiness. Although things may have changed for them this season, they still have to deal with old problems hindering their efforts to break free from the shackles of the past.

Funbi and the stalker
Funbi is riding high, fresh out of an abusive relationship with Ali, and exuding a newfound radiance. She exudes a newfound sense of happiness and purpose. On top of that, she has received a significant investment in her business venture. Everything seems to be falling into place for her. However, just as she thought she left the past behind, Ali returned, stalking and harassing her with incessant phone calls from different numbers. It is clear he isn't ready to let go. Hopefully, she finds the strength to deal with him. 

A loving man and an overbearing mum
Nengi hit the jackpot with a triple win. Breaking free from a deceitful relationship, finding love again, and successfully completing a merger for her firm all in one go. Her mum is around to spend some time with her and her sister. She is really quite the doting mum and might be a lot to handle. We definitely look forward to seeing how Nengi deals with her excesses.

The separation
Kamsi has taken the bold step of setting up a new home for herself and her children, having officially separated from her husband Lotanna. In a courageous move, she also communicated the situation to her children. Lotanna, however, has struggled to come to terms with the separation, and his feelings toward Kamsi have become increasingly bitter. When Kamsi sought to address the important matter of custody of the children, he refused to engage in any conversation. Kamsi might be separated from Lotanna, but it looks like she is in for a turbulent ride with him as they navigate their new relationship status.

Watch the season premiere

Funbi, Nengi, and Kamsi are on a journey to find real happiness this season and it isn't going to be easy, but we're cheering them on like crazy this season. Let's hope that unlike seasons past, they finally find it. Tune in to Africa Magic Showcase CH. 151 every Wednesday at 9:00 pm to watch them find their happiness while dealing with all the obstacles on their way.