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Funbi’s heartbreak timeline – Unmarried

15 March 2021
From Chuka to Chief Debo, this is how Funbi got her heartbroken.
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It was a miracle that Funbi made it out of the emotional hell her ex-lover Chuka unleashed on her back when she ignored reason and blindly believed he’d leave his wife and ride off into the sunset with her. Afterall, what is love without trust, right? So, after going through the most, it seemed very unlikely that she’d fall into the same trap again. Well, joke’s on us because baby girl did!

The lesson not learnt

With the pregnancy and the pain of losing the baby at birth becoming a distant memory, it looked like Funbi would take some time to go over her past choices and learn to make better ones. The experience seemed to have sharpened her maturity and made her realise that there was so much more to life than luxury and empty promises made by married men who had too much time and money on their hands but lacked sense. It’s unfortunate, however, that as soon as another Chuka dressed in shining amour (but bearing a different name) came knocking, she opened the door without a hint of hesitation.

Second time, not a charm!

Just as it happened with Chuka, Chief Debo went all in and came bearing a canvas painted with endless possibilities and a hint of stability. Instead of living under her emotionally abusive mother’s spell, Funbi would soar high with a man that saw her as a prize and would do anything to keep her wings shining, including leaving his wife of many years to build a new home with her. Again, a classic Chuka situation that she probably saw, but chose to ignore.

It wasn’t long till Debo started ignoring her calls and missing appointments. Before Funbi knew it, she was the one doing the chasing and polishing Debo’s wings just to retain his favour. After playing detective for a few days, Funbi was able to track down her lover who had gone AWOL, and to her surprise (not!), she found him taking in some bubbles in the company of two younger women.

When she casually asked him what was happening and reminded him that they were engaged, he returned the favour and casually brushed her off by reminding her that there were younger and hotter women who demanded less than she did. Basically, she should have used her intelligence to decipher that he was never serious about her. Ouch!

If this was not enough to force Funbi to rethink her relationship patterns, nothing ever will. Watch Unmarried every Wednesday at 21:30 on AM Showcase and see how Funbi’s story unfolds.