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Ofure no be small person – Unbroken

09 December 2019
Ofure Jangfa is a souring social eagle and everyone is beneath her.
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Clearly fixed on taking ‘enjoyment’ In the rudiments of being a ‘big woman’, Ofure is careful not to give way too much away lest it’s damning. We wouldn’t be totally mistaken if we assumed that mama Jesse practices a daily ‘self assurance’ mantra that in not so many word, states that she’s on the top of the social food chain and deserves a throne right next to Zeus’.

‘Beneath you’re beautiful’ doesn’t quite fit Mrs. Jangfa’s well-curated profile and the affair with oh-so-broken Nafike is the tell-all ‘why’ tale. Though she claimed to care ‘very little’ about people finding out, her melanchonic moments prove otherwise. She cares… She cares a lot.

Being the kind of woman that ensures that she’s heard before she’s seen, her deameanor is anything but general, especially when she’s forced to pull her hair and climb off her heels. It’s “lean on me no mean press me die” afterall.

Ofure wasn’t always like this biko. It all started when she watched her sweet Nanle fall from hero to zero; breaking behind him the beautiful pedestal she’s erected In his honour, and having gone though the most, her South-South side has her shielding herself from invisible targets.

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