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The Ultimate Actors – Ultimate Love

20 February 2020
Aunty's tasks for the Love Guests have shown off just how talented they are! Here are some of our favourite thus far.
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While we would all love to cuddle up next to our special someone and spend the day in bed, life is happening all around us and there's work to be done. The same applies to our wonderful Love Guests who may not have to get up and go grind, but they do have to be up and about doing Aunty's bidding. Fortunately for them though Aunty always makes it a point to make their tasks fun, engaging and the perfect place to bond while on their journey of love.

If you've missed any of these great relationship building sessions, no wahala! We put together some of the most recent ones that were an absolute joy for the Love Guests. Take a look at them below:

Lets play Ayo!

Who can say no to a childhood favourite game? While not quite a task, the traditional game brought a lot of fun and cheer to the Love Guests who revelled in the chance to relive their fond memories from yesteryear.

A picture of love

If there's one thing that never gets old it's sunsets. And that's why Aunty's gesture to have the Love Guests paint one was not only heartwarming, it was the perfect way to give them a chance to unwind! How good are your own painting skills? 

Try something new

Who knew our Love Guests would be so good at tapping into their artsy side? In the spirit of championing South West Nigeria's culture, our Love Guests got a pleasant surprise from Aunty. She brought in an expert to teach them how to create stunning patterns on fabrics from scratch!

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