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Learning from our Ultimate Love Guests

25 March 2020
The time you’ve been holding out for is upon us as we open the vote lines one last time and let Naija decide the first ever Ultimate Loves
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To give you a refresher on how far they’ve come and get you inspired for what we hope will be a well-considered decision, we’ve decided to unpack the one key quality that we feel will help each our Couples endure in the real world. Let’s dig in.




Yes, even their fans have affectionately nicknamed them, “our drama couple” given their propensity to go from sunshine to rain and back again in 3.5 seconds. While some might perceive that as a negative thing, we couldn’t disagree more! It’s the reality of every commitment, we just like acting like it isn’t. Bolar are as honest as honest gets. No matter how many times it’s said that love isn’t rosy, society is still fixated with unrealistic and fanciful portrayals of the “real thing.” Because they are strong personalities who speak their truth, Bolanle and Arnold have explored the most important aspect of all, one another’s minds. That’s why they just keep coming back to each other more connected and in love than before. They’ve gotten to know and indeed, LOVE the person lying beneath all the fleeting squabbles. Love endures all. Learn that lesson early.




When things weren’t working out with Jerry, Sylvia was a girl in distress. With her beauty and vivacious personality, we imagine she gets a lot of attention, so this was, likely, scary and unfamiliar territory. Enter Chiddy Bankz and we saw a complete transformation. Sylvia’s become the feisty, giddy and upbeat girl she truly is and this complements Chiddy’s needs well because it is that very happiness that he loves most. It keeps him fighting to put a smile on her face. No one wants to get hitched to a walking heap of misery, so joy and a positive outlook are an essential part of the mix. Even after they had their first disagreement in the Love Nest, they returned to their de facto settings. We love to see a happy, lively and upbeat couple who feed of each other’s energy. That’s how it should always be.




If we had one Naira for every time we’ve heard, “Relationships are hard work,” we’d be swimming in it. But while this statement may sound a bit cliché at times, life’s greatest truths tend to be overstated because they never stop resonating. All things considered however, the prospect of LABOURING endlessly to make it work is NOT what attracts to dating. FUN is such an essential ingredient. Chris Ville always has his girl in stitches and the more they’ve fallen for each other the crazier the antics get. He was very quiet and serious in the beginning which leads us to believe this is him letting his guard down too. The lap dances, the tender kisses, the play fighting… It’s all a joy to watch because it reminds us what love should be.  Chris and Chris Ville are both deep thinkers and acutely detail oriented observers.  When they start discussing their hopes and ambitions or the politics in the Love Pad it’s high-key astounding how intelligent they both are because they don’t flaunt it. That said, it’s just wonderful to see that no matter how mature & collected you are in most settings, you can still be silly and care-free with your lover, and never worry about being Judged.




The quality that seems to be referenced most when it comes to Iyke and Theresa is their youth but we honestly think it should be their maturity. Perhaps it’s his mom’s experience as a marriage counsellor that’s trickled down but Iyke has a talent for facilitating civil discourse about even the most unsettling topics. We’ve never seen these two get inflamed or start screaming. They hear each other out, they are tuned in to the needs of the other, they look past the minor annoyances and choose each other every single time. Even in their quite moments, Iykeresa express passion quite differently. Words of affirmation. Iyke in particular knows how to bare his heart and express his emotions beautifully and poor Theresa is always left melting into his arms. It’s telling that most of the hours they’ve spent in the Love Pad have been lying down in a quite corner, talking and listening, and falling deeper with every word. In a world that paints young people as sex-charged and reckless, it’s something truly refreshing to see.




We recall noting the intense chemistry between Rosie and Kachi when it was only their second day in the Love Pad. He had his arm around her, lightly stroking her shoulder with his fingers while Rosie bit her lip and tried her best to listen to Aunty. It was only the second day and they didn’t even say a word, but the attraction was pulpable and instant. Now, while they’ve since given us more than a few spicy and social-media-disrupting moments, the way they look at each other now shows us there’s a longing that’s always been there. Something deeper than words could convey when they still knew so little about each other. Something deeper than sensual attraction. It’s the look every lover has when they’re staring into the eyes of the person who is their whole world. Roksie have gone from awkward silences to having deep and profound conversations about future hopes and dreams or present fears. Listening, compromising and learning how to love each other right along the way. In essence, theirs is a love that teaches us the power of intimacy. In some relationships, that physical connection is the key to someone’s heart. Passion pushes us past inhibition and we cross the threshold keeping us from being vulnerable with our hearts.

The lines are OFFICIALLY OPEN for you to decide who takes it all. Remember to vote on all four platforms to give your fave couple the best chance of getting that stunning, Traditional Wedding and Dream Home.

Ultimate Love airs 24/7 on DStv Ch198 and GOtv Ch29. Tune in daily and play your part in shaping Naija's most epic love story yet.

VOTE to decide the WINNING Love Couple before lines close on Friday, 27 March at 21h00 WAT / 22:00 CAT. A Dream Home and lavish, Traditional Wedding are at stake. Don’t miss the finale on Sunday, 29 March.

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