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"Dear Aunty, my girlfriend says she wants a break"— Ultimate Love

04 March 2020
Hey Ultimate Love fam, how do you handle long distance relationships? Let’s talk, I’m here to read all your relationship questions and answer them. Let’s have fun!

Q: How do I get my husband to be more romantic?


Girl, was he romantic before you married him? If yes and he has changed, find out in ways why he changed? Have you spoken to him about it or tried to ignite the romantic fire in him? If he has never been romantic, ah that’s going to be a tough order, but nothing communication cannot solve. Again I ask, how was he before you married him? Don’t forcefully bring out what wasn’t there before. Calmly bring up the subject and find a middle ground. Good luck!

Q: I’m a twenty-seven-year-old lady and I’ve not dated for six years now; I’m more of an introvert and enjoying myself more. My brothers are worried and they keep asking me when marriage will happen. Help me Aunty, how do I put myself out there?


Why do you think I started Ultimate Love 😏? Just apply next Season and you never know, you might be lucky, okay? Just put yourself out there, go out more, meet people, go on many speed dating sessions and don’t frown at blind dates. Have fun with your dating spree and may the best man win!

Q: I’m in a long distance relationship and I don’t know when next I’ll see him. I can’t go where he is and he has no plans of coming where I am soon. Should I give another man within my reach a chance because it’s hard not enjoying my relationship like I should?


Long distance relationship is what you called it, isn’t it? Simple, it’s either you’re okay with the long distance relationship or you’re not. If you’re not, then don’t keep wasting your time but my dear, if you are, plan with your partner to make things work together. Plan dates, plan visits, short vacations. Just keep the relationship flowing and keep it growing.

Q: What if he doesn’t tick all the boxes but he’s quite affectionate?


Hmmm, the boxes have weight. If affectionate carries a higher weight in your box, then you’re half-done but if being affectionate doesn’t carry any weight in your box, you know what to do than to keep wasting your time. Managing isn’t an option in order to avoid tears at the end.

Q: My girlfriend says she wants a break and we don’t live in the same state, what could this mean?


Darling, don’t force the sinking ship, if she’s done, she’s done. I wish you the best.

Q: How do you deal with demanding in-laws who are jeorpadising your marriage?


This is a tough one. At what stage is your marriage? Is it the first, second or third year? Setting the record straight at the beginning of your marriage is very important. Don’t deal with your in-laws, let your husband defend and decide the tone a smooth relationship with your in-laws. I repeat, don’t deal with them o, let your husband do the work of drawing the line and keeping the love and respect between you and your family. You’ll be fine.

Now that I’ve answered all these questions, what advice do I have left for my Love Guests oo? Don’t worry, I enjoy reading and answering your questions, so keep them coming. See you next week.

With 💘, Aunty .

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