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Dear Aunty, I still love my ex – Ultimate Love

11 March 2020
Hi there, it’s been a long week since I last heard from you; let’s answer your questions for the week, shall we?

It’s funny how I got many questions regarding exes and how to deal with them. Hmm all I can say is be careful out there guys, no let motor jam you in this lane called love o.

Q: My partner is still in love with his ex, should I give them more time or should I leave?

A: Come on darling, scoot! If his ex is still in the picture, carry your slippers, dust them and run dear because you have no business with a man that is still spending time with his ex.

Q: How do I get over a heartache? I still love my ex.

A: Haba! He’s your ex for a reason. Why do you love him if he’s your ex? Answer this, why did you ex him in the first place? If you think he has no reason being your ex and both parties still have love in the mix, then you two should talk about revisiting your old flames. Got it? Take that step, it wouldn’t hurt to bring up the subject with him, if it’s mutual, yay! If it’s not, that’s fine. Na question you ask, you no kill pesin.

Q: My partner is not romantic. We have been married for seven years and I have communicated I want more romance. I don’t know what to do anymore.

A: This is pretty simple. If there was no sign of romance before going into the relationship and you still went for it, then that means you decided you could live without that. However, if there was romance before the relationship started sailing, find a way to ignite the things that started the romance in the first place and keep it going.

These things are better negotiated with your partner at the first stage of your relationship.

Q: How do I make my partner miss me and want to give me his attention?

A: What are you currently doing for him now that you’re around him and you think he’ll miss when you’re not around? Make his life go round so when you’re not around there’s that vacuum he feels without you. Find that space or gap, fill it so that when you’re not around, he’ll miss or crave you more.

Q: I am engaged and my fiancé does not listen to my objections or advice. I don’t know what I do.

A: Aww engaged to a guy who wouldn’t listen to you? That’s sad.

Maybe you’re not speaking to him in the way he would listen or understand, sit him down and ask him how he would like to be spoken to. That way, he’ll be more open to your suggestions, objections and advice. If that doesn’t work, this might be a great issue that’ll need tons of communication and prayers to solve. I wish you the best!

This was fun, see you guys next week. I’m going to look for an ex that will come and pepper my Love Guests. Don’t you just love the drama in my Love Pad? Stay tuned!

With 💘, Aunty.

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