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Beyond the Love Pad: Top 5 – Ultimate Love

29 March 2020
Here's what the future looks like for the top five Finalists in the Love Pad.
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The day has finally come where we get to witness the crowning of the Ultimate Couple. Even though there can only be one winning Couple, all of them are winners as they have found what they came to look for in the Love Pad. Beyond this point its all up to each and every Couple to work on their relationship and make it work. Here’s what we know we’ll happen, according to what they said they’re planning, going forward.


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This Couple has been clear on what the future holds for them. After what seemed like a tip of uncertainty at first, Bolar sorted out their issues and both agreed that their relationship will continue after the Love Pad. As a result, they have made plans to move to one city together which will make things easier for them. For someone like Bolanle who insists on good communication in a relationship, being in one city will make things easier for them.


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Ever since Chiddy Bankz entered the Love Pad, Sylvia has been the happiest girl. It’s all thanks to the instant connection they established when they first saw each other. However, as things stand, these Love birds are still trying to work around how they’ll make their relationship work outside. With Sylvia being a University student, they voiced a concern that it might be a challenge. If anything, though, Chivia’s connection is stronger and we’re confident they’ll find a solution for this big but minor challenge.


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Without even mentioning romance, we’re confident we’ll see a lot of DoubleChris because some of their plans going forward include working together for a common good. They’re both passionate about humanitarian work and that’s one of the first things they’ll do on the outside. Romantically, they’ve been getting to know each other and taking baby step being intimate. However, if the past few days are anything to go by, DoubleChris’ relationship will grow much stronger. And also, they’re planning to move to one city as well which is a bonus to their budding relationship.


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They’re the youngest Couple in the Love Pad yet you wouldn’t notice by the way their maturity prevails. Beyond the Love Pad, according to Iykeresa we can expect love as we’ve witnessed in the Love Pad. They’ve chosen each other and we’ll continue choosing each other beyond the Love Pad. We also know their parents are in contact, so can we expect wedding bells soon? 


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Kachi and Rosie were the first to hit it off in the Love Pad and after a few glitches, they soon found their way back to each other and they have been going from strength to strength. First thing they will do, according to them, is Kachi meeting Rosie’s son. They’ve also spoken getting married and have more kids.

We’ve seen them all grow in their relationships and we proud to have been at the centre in shaping these beautiful love stories. Now it’s time for them to take the baton and run with it. We wish them all the love in the world.


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