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Aunty's banter with our Couples – Ultimate Love

27 February 2020
The chemistry in the Love Pad is just phenomenal so we were excited to hear what's making sparks fly and Aunty made sure we got the gist.
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As if it were even possible, Iykeresa connected on an even deeper level today. Iyke complemented how beautiful she looked going into immense detail about how her eyes flutter gently before she goes to sleep. Theresa blushed and giggled throughout the session, no doubt moved by his beautiful words. She complemented his intellegence and wisdom, praising him for handling conflict with maturity. She also revealed something Iyke hadn't known before, that he she almost gave up on men because of the bad experiences she'd had before. Iyke gushed upon learning that he'd done that for her. After Aunty quizzed them about not using separate beds in the love nest they laughed hysterically. Both their love languages are physical touch so they tried it but it simply didn't work. It was at this point Iyke revealed that he was actually falling asleep easier than before thanks to her company. We just love how their committment to each other is healing and affirming them.


PreshDavid continue to show just how enduring their love is. One of the amazing things Aunty unearthed is how Presh (who is very strongwilled and assertive) is already starting to act out of character because of how deeply she's falling for David. First, she backtracked on her assertion that, "she'd never fight for a man." Now, while she not going to be snatching anyone's wig on a street corner she has said she's willing to "fight on her knees" for David. She also admitted to accomodating him more when he's assertive or tries to help her. That said, she's used to doing everything for herself. In this regard, David said something profound, likening her to his mother ie: the kind of woman who says everything is okay even when she isn't okay. This is why he insists on taking care of her and tending to her needs. He "sees through her" as he put it. We think that's profound insight. It's also amazing that Presh prayed for a husband who works in the same industry and as it turns out, they are both entertainers with ambitions of building entertainment empires in the field of dance and film.


It's fascinating how intense the chemistry between Sylvia and Chiddy Bankz is after knowing each other for such a short period of time. Watching them, it also became apparent how their stark contrasts complement each other. Sylvia is vivacious and animated – a hopeless romantic who wears her heart on her sleeve. Chiddy is a lot older, very mature and reserved and a lot more introverted. She lights him up and makes him smile, he grounds her and makes her feel secure. Aunty seems to have recognised this too revealing that she didn't save them because she felt they were strong enough to save themselves.


Jelo had a fascinating session with Jenny Koko getting an opportunity to open up about her feelings for Louis for the first time since telling him she loves him. In another stunning revelation she said she's ready to say yes if Louis pops the question and could already tell from the video her dad sent in the Chat Room that he liked him. Louis (perhaps being older) is a little more cautious assuring her that his heart is in it but he isn't ready to promise proposal yet. He also wants her to be more mild tempered as she can sometimes be intense when she's upset. That said, Louis said it felt like they've known each other for months already and that this was the most intense relationship he'd ever had. To Jenny Koko's point of wanting more romance and intimacy, he promised she was going to be surprised by the amazing things he has in store for her.


Jeriton were quick to express their gratitude to Aunty for saving them, not because they have any doubts about their committments but because they have both elected to be friends first and connect on every level before becoming intimate. With marriage being the Ultimate goal, we can see why that's an important base to cover. Aunty did note however how Jerry is happier and uncharacteristically talkative now that Meriton is in the Love Pad so there's a definite connection. The physical attraction is also definitely there as is evidenced by Jerry making a beeline for the curvacious woman who came into the Pad last week. His highlight since making her acquaintance? Dancing with her, which he added actually elevated the party experience on Friday for him.

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