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Aunty lays down the law - Ultimate Love

09 February 2020
As the Love Guests settled into the Love Pad, Aunty set the mood by drawing clear lines and schooling them on this thing called love.
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The journey of a life time kicked off this Sunday as 16 Love Guests were introduced to Nigeria and Africa at large on the all new Ultimate Love. The love hopefuls are from all walks of life, have varying dynamic personalities and are right across the youthful age spectrum. The most important thing though is that they're all searching for their happily ever after in the Love Pad.

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To get things going, Aunty gave the Love Guests a few moments to settle in before she stepped in to lay down the law. Not wasting time, Aunty broke it down to the Love Guests what they were here to do and what she wouldn't approve of. In particular she emphasised the need to exercise self-control, avoid hanky panky as it clouds judgement and ultimately take their time to assess who could potentially be the one. It wasn't all hard talk and tough lectures though from Aunty as she then took the Love Guests through a get to know you exercise where they had to share in a few words what they imagined their ultimate partner to be. This of course gifted us with our first glimpse into what each Love Guest is after with answers ranging from physical attributes to cultural traits.

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With everyone fairly acquainted, it was time to dig into their first meal as one big loving family and start building bonds with each other. And as their bellies filled and the conversation flowed, the Love Guests were informed of their first task in the Love Pad, a Speed Dating exercise. The activity came with a tantalising twist as the ladies were instructed to pick a partner based on their interactions after the Speed Dating and their choice would have to remain their boo for the next 24hrs to come! One thing is for certain though, we're in for a nail-biting eight weeks!

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Still trying to figure out who's who? Get to know the Love Guests with their full profiles here and find out everything you need to know about Aunty here.

Ultimate Love, airs 24/7 from Sunday, 9 February at 19:30 WAT / 20:30 CAT. Make sure you're watching DStv Ch198 and GOtv Ch29 to play your part in shaping Naija's most epic love story yet. For more updates, like our Facebook Page, light up our Twitter mentions using #UltimateLoveNG and get immersed in all the TLC on our Instagram.