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Couple 101 – Ultimate Love

17 February 2020
It's a brand new day and their first day of hopefully forever for the Love Guests, but do they know the key to long lasting love? Here are a few tips.
Article Love 101

Monday brought about a new dawn for the Love Guests as reality set that this is it and their paired partner is who they'll have to weather the storm with in the journey to an ultimate success story! So as they settle into their new normal and find the feet with their lovers, we've put together some of the key skills one needs to master in the hopes of building a long lasting and fruitful relationship. Take a look at our top three below:


Before blowing them away with your looks or perhaps showering them with buckets of money, one of the most integral parts of a successful relationship is the simple act of listening. As a partner, once you display the ability to sincerely listen to your lover and not judge them in the moment, half of the work is done. When you listen and pay attention you start to understand your boo on a deeper level and even grow to love them more. Plus you never know what gems they may drop in the moment that will help you be a better bae and make your union even stronger 💖

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Touchy, Feely

It could be a loving bear hug or the most gentle of touches, but ultimately almost everyone loves an affectionate caress from their perfect person. So don't be shy to let the loving rain down on them and reassure them that they're the one for you. Take a page from the importance of listening, try pay attention to their cues and observe which touch they enjoy the most but be cautious not to over do it. And when you're feeling extra romantic be sure to set the mood with some soft music and candle light. Make it feel just like the first day you met 😍

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Secret Safe

One of the most beautiful things you can do for your special someone is be their safe space. The love and trust that comes in knowing their secrets are safe with you and they can truly be themselves is second to none. So even if you don't or can't do any of the other things above, just letting them know you're the safe haven is probably worth a million times more than anything else you could ever offer them. Guard their heart jealousy and it shall be yours to keep forever. 💞

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What top relationship tips would you give our Love Guests as they take on the rest of this journey together?

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