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It’s all about the DJs – Turn Up Friday

31 December 2021
No bodies were left unmoved when they hit the decks.
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The festive season has reached another end and with it our favourite turn up show. As the 3rd season of Turn Up Friday took care of your partying needs, our DJs put out their hottest performance week in and week out all the way through to the end of the year. Let’s take another look at the DJs that battled it out and turned our Fridays into an absolute enjoyment.

DJ Timbo

The main man himself! The winner of this year’s edition has turned the house on fire with his sizzling mixes that left audiences with no choice but to dance their hearts out and vote for his outstanding performances. Number 1, without a doubt!

DJ Aze

Worthy of a number two, fell short of the crown by one, but an absolute warrior on the deck. He made sure no hits were missed while battling it out with the latter. The world is not ready for this bomb-dropping talented DJ.

These two may have made it to the final showdown but we’ve also seen some captivating performances from other DJs that like wine, are sure to get better with time and experience.

DJ Lollicue

Chilled character yet feisty with the sound! Steered her deck better than a captain on a ship that’s about to wreck and ends up redirecting it successfully. We’re surely looking forward to seeing more from this young lady.

DJ Riley

Shy at first glance, but he sure wasn’t fooling anyone with his talents. He repped his name in an honourable way leaving a mark for his career to keep growing.

DJ Monte

A Rockstar without a guitar. His tune dropping and mixes are reminiscent of a time where everything sounded perfect. Too bad this was not his time.

DJ Ivy

Solid in everything. Personality, performance and obviously sonically! If you’re looking to head bump your way through an entire party then Ivy is definitely the guy for you.

DJ Tumz

Safely ripped his way through the biggest party on the continent and made sure that no one was safe with his gobsmacking mixes.

DJ Bom

Another gem the show has brought to the biggest party in Africa. Eccentrically polishing his brilliant mixing skills to make the party world a lighter place.

DJ Caulcrik

Master at applying smooth pressure, Caulcrik broke through the hurdles of life and is definitely on his way to becoming a master at DJaying.

DJ Ghini

Big stages can be nerve-wrecking at times but he handled his tunes like essentials during a deadly pandemic. His versatile nature ensured that everyone was catered for.

A massive shout out to DJ Joel Noel for pulling through and showing these competing DJs what they can achieve if they keep up wprocessesir individual process.

Props to these talented people for making sure that we had the best Friday parties during 2021 and for more amazing content stay tuned to Africa Magic channel 151 on DSTV.