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How to have the perfect party – Turn Up Friday

02 December 2021
The essential party starter kit to make magical moments.
Party turn up

Life’s a party and no parties are more lit than the ones made in Africa, FACTS! We have, innately, perfected partying so much so that it seems and feels like it’s one of our DNA traits, something in our genes, part of our heritage and we’re proud to own this crown too, amongst the other ones on our heads already.

Good thing we like to share, that’s what partying is all about, so we’ve decided to put together a list with everything you need to have a party that is worthy. Grab your notepads because we’re about to tell on ourselves:


A party can happen without anything else but people. Essentially humans are the most important piece to the party so make sure you invite whoever you need to invite and that everything else is laid out to cater for your guests even if it’s just you alone at the party. Just know that you can invite anyone to your party!


Music is the bridge that connects people together yes, even more than Facebook. Music is powerful, it breaks the ice and when played in the right way it allows people to express themselves, or break themselves, on the dance floor that is.


Usually, this might not even be a big deal if you have the two mentioned above but depending on your partying needs, especially now during the covid season, it is important that your venue is suitable for not only the amount but also the type of people you’d like to have at your party whether it is a house/pool/street or club party.

Food & Drinks

Some would argue that these could be the most important essentials of a party. People get moved by the smell of a perfectly marinated hot piece of meat coming straight off the grill, the sound of glasses bottles knocking against each other as they’re being carried in and out of cooler or freezer or even the sight of glasses hanging up at a bar while another one sits on a table with a couple of ice cubes in it.

Drip A.K.A #Dresscode

Dress accordingly! Own your drip, overdo if you have to, it’s a party and everything counts when it comes to how you look. While accessories will help you complement your dressing do keep in mind that dressing appropriately for the occasion is more important because we love seeing the diversity in the drip section.

There you have it; these are essentials that help us make the best parties in Africa and they’re sure to put you on the right track to a memorable event!

Feel free to share your essentials with us on our social platforms and stay tuned to Africa Magic channel 151 on DSTV for more entertainment.