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Top five couples on Africa Magic’s Tinsel

23 February 2022
Let’s celebrate some of our favourite Tinsel couples.
Love Tinsel

Let’s celebrate some of our favourite Tinsel couples.

It's a universal truth that everyone loves romantic couples. There is something about their passion for each other that is so captivating and appealing to the eyes and the heart.

You can't help but double-tap when they pop up on your social media feed, or “Aaww!” when you see them on a TV show. They might even be the reason you love the show so much. Throughout the years, several couples have graced our screens on Tinsel, the longest-running show on Africa Magic. In this month of love, we check out the top five romantic couples on Tinsel right now.

Topping the list are none other than Laide and Bid. Despite the fact that they aren't new lovers, their rekindled affection is making us all mushy. The love is rubbing off on us, and we want to see more of it; all the romance, all the sweet glances, all the random kisses, and lots of laughter. Knowing and experiencing love like this is beautiful, and Laide can attest to this.

Our newlyweds, Rejoice and Frank, are next on the list. Even without an actual roof over their heads, "orente no deh complain o." Looks like Adekunle Gold was right after all. These lovebirds are so drunk in love that they do not want this honeymoon phase to fade away. They are giving “forever together through rain and sunshine” vibes and we’re loving every moment of it. With the new developments around Frank, we hope their love will stand the test of time.

Helen “the scriptwriter” seems to have everything going well for her right now. Getting Wale Coker to give her credit for her scripts is a big win, but having a lover to share this win with is definitely a bigger win. After their reconciliation, Helen and Shina have had a smooth ride, and we honestly love to see it. We can’t wait to bear witness to how this beautiful love story unfolds.

If we are not finding love in hopeless places, we are watching it work in mysterious ways. Just look at Grace and Ibuzor. A love story that began as an act of deceit and a lie took a dramatic turn after Ibuzor revealed his secret mission to Grace without knowing that she was two steps ahead of him. That’s by the way already, as these love birds have decided to take their relationship to the next level and express their love affectionately.

After Shoshanna’s crazy idea to make sure Grace doesn’t find her way back to Kunle’s life, her love life surprisingly took a good turn also. Kunle and Grace finally signed the divorce papers, and it gave room for Shoshanna and Kunle’s blossoming romance to flourish. We can’t wait to see how they grow in love with each other.

These are our top five couples currently, fam. Which of them is your favourite? Make your selection below and make sure to catch up on these couples every weeknight on AM Showcase at 19:30 WAT.

Love Tinsel
Our favourite Tinsel Couples

Who are your favourite Tinsel couples?

Shoshanna and Kunle90%
Grace and Ibuzor1%
Helen and Shina6%
Rejoice and Frank1%
Laide and Bid1%