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What strategies are the Coaches employing in their Steals?

10 August 2017
Approaching everything in life takes caution and strategy, we shall try to get into the Coaches heads to try figure out why they have stolen the Talent they have.

With just two Episodes of the Battles done and another two looming, we have already seen 16 Talent make it through to the Live Shows. It is interesting to note that of the 16 Talent through, four of them made it as a result of a Steal.

Coach Pato kicked off the proceedings by Stealing Daniel from TeamWaje. Coach Waje got hers back when she Stole Favour from TeamPato. Coach Timi Stole Wolei from TeamYemi and Coach Yemi didn’t mince words when she Stole Wilson from TeamWaje.

With four Steals already done, we ask the question; what could possibly have been going on in the Coaches heads as they decided which Talent to Steal? Let us try analyze each Steal on its own merit.

Coach Pato stealing Daniel:

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During his Blind auditions, Daniel James wowed the entire room with his rich baritone and vocal textures which saw him get two-turns. He had to choose between Pato and Waje and opted to go with Coach Waje. After he lost his Battle round to Efezino, he was saying his goodbyes when Pato hit his buzzer for the Steal; citing that he had wanted Daniel in his Team and now he gets his man. Does this confirm the age old adage; “a patient dog gets the biggest bone”?

Coach Waje Stealing Favour:

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Favour had a stellar Blind Audition for which she got all four Coaches to turn for her, ultimately settling for TeamPato. After losing her Battle to KessyDriz, a nearly teary Favour gave an emotional farewell speech about her mother being proud of her accomplishments on Stage and that seemed to be all the trigger Coach Waje needed as she hit her buzzer for the Steal. Is Coach Waje channeling her inner ‘mother hen’?

Coach Timi Stealing Wolei:

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Wolei had a sultry Blind Audition which saw him get 2 turns from Pato and Yemi and he opted to roll with the latter. Bringing the same energy levels, his Battle round with Majeeka was tagged by Timi as a couples’ retreat due to the intense chemistry both Talent showed on Stage. After he lost his Battle, Wolei gave an emotional and graceful exit speech to the Coaches and audience and for that; he prompted Timi into making a Steal for him. It is no secret that Timi is calculated in his decision making, so it was no surprise to see him Steal a man who evidently appears gracious in defeat.

Coach Yemi Stealing Wilson:

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Wilson showed great control during his Blind Auditions where he got 3 turns for his effort. Fast forward to his Battle round where he was paired with Glowrie as both Talent lit up the entire room with the sparks they let fly from the Stage. Before Coach Waje could make her choice as to who she was sending through to the Lives, Coach Yemi had already made it clear that she would Steal which ever Talent was left; that’s how impressed she was with both Talent’s efforts. After Waje picked Glowrie to go through, Yemi hit her buzzer immediately for the Steal on Wilson. Good eye for Talent, maybe?

As the Episodes roll along and we have 12 more Battle rounds looming, let us not discount the fact that all the Coaches have one more Steal each and it would be curious to see what strategies they employ in pulling this off.

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