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TVN S2: How the Battles work

27 July 2017
With the Blind Auditions done, the Coaches need to whittle down their Teams from 12 to 8 before they venture into the Live Shows.

The Coaches have finished selecting the top 12 Talent they could possibly get during the Blind Auditions phase; though we had a naughty situation where Coach Timi bent the rules a bit and selected a 13th Talent.

The next phase of the Show is the Battles and this is how the Battles phase works. Each Coach will have a total of six pairings within their Team, meaning two Talent per Battle pair. The Coach will select specific songs and the Talent within the pairings will both be singing the same song in the Battle arena which looks like a modified boxing ring.

Sounds like a duet, right? Not really. Though the Talent are expected to showcase their vocal dexterity and their abilities to harmonize the song; they are also expected to try out-do each other on the Stage, because their Coach will be saddled with the task of choosing who they take to the Live Shows, and who's journey comes to an end on the Show.

It isn’t all doom and gloom though because the other three Coaches have two opportunities each to pull off a ‘Steal’. Once the battling pair’s Coach has made their pick, the remaining Coaches can steal the other Talent to their Team, giving said Talent another shot at making it to the finale.

The Battles whittle down the Teams to six Talent each, add the two mandatory Steals and we have eight Talent on each Team moving on into the Live Shows. Good luck to Coach Timi on the added work wey him don give himsef.

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