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Kelvin Audu gets the Last 4-Chair-Turn

25 July 2017
As the Blind Auditions end, we see our last 4-Chair-Turn candidate get inducted.

The 4-Chair-Company was created as a result of a few Talent achieving that elitist mark of singing so beautifully that all four Coaches had no choice but to turn for them, and attempt to lobby them to their respective Teams. So far, we have seen pioneering inductees Precious of #TeamTimi and Favour of #TeamPato settle into their spots comfortably. Next inductees were Kendris and Idyl both on #TeamTimi cozy in as well.

34 ef 004 pre

34 ki 004 pre

Not to be outdone, Arewa stepped up and stunned everybody first into silence, then into a rapturous applause as she landed on #TeamWaje. Next up was Wow who took up the gauntlet and ‘baritoned’ his way into the elitist group and picked up a slot on #TeamWaje.

34 aw 004 pre

With the last Episode of the Blind Auditions, we see a new and final inductee into the 4-Chair-Company emerge in the person of Shayee. He pulled off this feat by singing ‘Take a bow’ by Rihanna. Every note was on point and the fact that he even switched up some of the lyrics was all plus and no minus as he chose to be on #TeamYemi.

34 shayee on stage 004 pre

With the Blinds done and the Battles looming closer by the day, it would be interesting to see how these elitist group of Talent fare against the other Talent on their respective Teams.

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