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The Theory Of Breakfast


Laolu and Vodka get their fairytale ending – TTOB

27 March 2024
Love hasn't always worked in their favour, but Cupid's time is always right! 🥰
Laolu and Vodka get their fairytale ending  – TTOB

From watching your best friend and ex-lover propose to another woman at what you thought was your proposal ceremony to having to plan their wedding while nursing a broken heart, Laolu has received L's all season. Her best friend, Vodka, also faced her fair share of relationship issues throughout the season; it's only fitting that they finally get the love they deserve in the finale episode of The Theory of Breakfast; even fans on socials agree! 

Ebitimi ends things with Lami

In a shocking turn of events, at their final wedding ceremony, Lami gets Laolu arrested to avoid potential disruptions at her wedding. However, her decision eventually costs her when Ebitimi discovers what she did and immediately looks for means to rescue Laolu. But before he does, Ebitimi braves up and at long last admits to Lami that Laolu is the one his heart longs for, a truth that Lami has long known but has swept under the carpet in hopes that he'll choose her.

A heartbroken Lami was left teary-eyed in her wedding dress while the groom, Ebitimi, Manny, and Vodka ran off to rescue Laolu. On seeing her, Ebitimi immediately professed his love and swooned her off her feet. As the besties turned lovers reunited, Manny and Vodka also realized how much they loved and needed each other. Unlike we all expected, there was no breakfast for Ebitimi, Laolu, Manny, and Vodka, but Dior sure got what she deserved! 

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