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The Theory Of Breakfast


Daddy issues and matters of the heart – TTOB

27 January 2024
From her daddy issues to her shambolic relationship, Vodka's life has been a cocktail of personal challenges.
Daddy issues and matters of the heart – TTOB

It's easy to despise Vanessa, especially because of her fiery temperament and penchant for confrontations, but there's more to this complicated young lady than meets the eye. Vanessa, a spirited individual with a heart of gold, carries a nickname that captures her essence – Vodka. This moniker not only reflects her love for a good drink but also hints at the speed with which life moves around her. Beyond the surface, Vodka is a mixture of intensity and warmth, navigating the web of personal challenges.

Unraveling Vodka's daddy issues 
Vodka has a fiery personality with a heart of gold, but her life has had its share of challenges. Abandoned by her father, Gbolahan, who disappeared without a trace, leaving behind a devastated wife receiving divorce letters via email months later. Despite these hardships, Vodka was raised as the sole child by her resilient mother. This abandonment left Vodka with deep-seated daddy issues and an inherent distrust of men. 

Vodka runs into her Dad

A troubled love life
Due to her abandonment issues and distrust of men, Vodka's love life has been in shambles. She's always worried that her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Mandela, might act like her father who disappeared. This fear often leads her to lash out and get into physical confrontations, especially with Mandela or anyone who seems interested in him. Just ask Dior.

The road to healing
Little does Vodka know, that the key to a successful relationship isn't just in her boyfriend's hands but also in hers. Her explosive temper and trust issues act as roadblocks. Can Vodka overcome her daddy issues and embrace love wholeheartedly? Will her fractured relationship with her father find a path to redemption? Time will tell.

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