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Matilda's many battles

30 November 2022
The fierce lady has multiple battles to fight this season.
Matilda Rishantes

Right from the get-go, Matilda has always been that lady. In addition to being a savvy businesswoman and the head of Rishantes Empire, she is also a formidable Senate leader. She has earned her stripes by keeping the empire together and standing up to political adversaries. In her journey to the top echelon, she has fought several battles and she has the scars to prove it.

From blackmail to scandals and an attempted hostile takeover, Matilda has dealt with them all and she is still standing. The peace she has been experiencing for a while now is about to be over. There appears to be a storm brewing and she is about to witness another round of battles

The return of Kaza

Matilda's estranged husband, Kaza, returns after a long absence determined to take back control of the Rishantes Group from her. He has already set the wheels in motion for this takeover and the sabotage of Matilda's political career.

The electoral reform

In the lead-up to the election, Matilda has decided to take a stand on electoral reform. This is a stand that pits her against powerful forces not just within her own party, but also across the political spectrum. She has been the target of a barrage of threats and has been warned to prepare for war. She seems quite confident that she can handle what’s coming her way.

Halita’s stalker

For a while now, Halita has been receiving strange calls and messages from a mysterious person. While Halita is used to it, Matilda will not tolerate it. She is bent on putting a stop to this because she senses there is something sinister about this mysterious person.

It seems like Matilda has a lot on her plate, and it is hard to imagine that she could handle all of them on her own. Fortunately, she isn’t new to battles, and neither does she cower from them. How she plans to take on each battle and the outcome is what we intend to see. Catch up on Matilda’s battle on The Rishantes showing every weeknight on DStv and GOtv AM Urban.