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Oyinye The Hidden


All her life, before coming to Nigeria, Oyinye existed in a universe where people say what they mean and mean what they say. Within 48 hours of her arrival, she must rethink everything she thinks she knows about humanity. In 2 days, she goes from being a grieving widow, slightly anxious at the prospect of meeting her late husband’s family (who had been painted as so loving) to a kidnap victim, her kids taken away, held hostage by an ugly vestige of tradition and culture that allows wickedness to thrive. Oyinye goes from feeling hopeful and expectant, to shock, fear, and despair. The only ray of hope are the women who helped her escape and of course, Flo. Her time in the house will be the shortest and through her interactions with the other women and Flo’s extensive network cutting across the judiciary, law enforcement, and even the underworld, she regains her confidence in herself and restores her belief in the basic good of humanity, while battling to save her children.

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