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The explosive finale of The Hidden

20 August 2023
The dust settles on a story of deception, betrayal, and unexpected revelations.
The explosive finale of The Hidden

As the first season of The Hidden draws to a close, we unravel the web of intrigue that was spun. Firstly, Alhaji Tanko meticulously crafted a plan to frame Flo Ade for kidnapping and sex trafficking, setting the stage for a shocking turn of events that had viewers at the edge of their seats. The petition he orchestrated against her proved to be the perfect bait, drawing the spotlight on her and laying the groundwork for his sinister scheme.

The last supper
With the shelter's location exposed and Flo Ade behind bars, a cloud of uncertainty settled over the once-safe haven. Fear ran rampant, and residents began fleeing, their sense of security shattered. Even Doris and Naomi couldn't escape the atmosphere of impending doom. In a twist of cheeky irony, Leila, a key player in the unraveling of the shelter's security, took it upon herself to cook up a farewell feast, much to Hauwa's dismay. Little did they know, Leila's culinary gesture was as bitter as it was elaborate.

Freedom for Flo Ade
Flo Ade eventually got released from detention, but she returned to a home that was no longer the same. Residents had fled, leaving an eerie emptiness in their wake. What was even more surprising? Leila's role in their departure—she had not only contributed to their exit but had also provided financial aid to help them start anew.

A startling abduction and a shocking revelation
Leila's involvement didn't end with sabotaging the shelter. Collaborating with Alhaji Tanko, she orchestrated the abduction of Hauwa, sending shockwaves of panic and desperation through the shelter. As tensions rise, Leila finally drops the bombshell we didn't see coming. In a gut-wrenching confession, she reveals herself to be Flo Ade's estranged daughter, hurt by years of neglect and abandonment.

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A race against time 
Despite the emotional turmoil, Flo Ade musters her strength for a race against time. Her priority is to locate Alhaji Tanko and rescue Hauwa from his clutches. Using her own tactics, she triggers a swift response from law enforcement, preventing Tanko's escape just as he's about to make off with Hauwa.

With "The Hidden" season 1 wrapping up in a flurry of revelations, betrayals, and redemptions, we're left eagerly anticipating what season 2 will bring. As Flo Ade and Leila embark on a journey of healing, we are left with the tantalizing promise of an impending bombshell that is bound to shake up the nation.